Sony announces a 12-megapixel camera module

Sony announces a 12-megapixel camera module
Do you remember that a week ago, Ericsson announced their future plans, which involved 12-megapixel phones until 2012? Maybe some of you still doubt it. Well, do not, because Sony announced three Exmor (CMOS) modules for mobile cameras, which will respectively shoot at 5, 8 and 12 megapixels. What’s interesting is that the release date of the last one is set for March, next year. Hm, we’ll see a 12MP phone no later than 2009?

There’s more, in the shown specs we noticed, that all three of the Exmor modules are going to support Full HD video capture, which also matches Ericsson’s plans. Hey, we just got even more impatient!

source: Sony (translated) via Akihabara News



1. 3Zs unregistered

what the hell, when is this gonna stop, a 12mp pic!! what is that, 6mb per pic, seriously whats the use of this in a phone. give us 5 face recognition, better flash, better algorithms, more effects. I dont want to take a pic for a billboard with my phone. let the MP rest already

2. unregistered

With higher resolution screens going into phones they have to up the MP in the cameras so you don't have a horrible looking picture on your beautiful screen.

3. unregistered

Dude... A 1024*768 phone (no way man...) would only display 0.768 MP. What the **** are you talking about??

10. GTR83 unregistered

At least it has HD video recording.

16. unregistered

I agree! They keep upgrading camera but some keep the physical memory the same. They need to work on phone processors and memory. What good will the camera work if the core function of the phone is stuck in the past. Software is getting cool but some phones lock up or restart because they can't handle the speed of the software or the user.

4. unregistered

yo, who commented first. u no some people like to take a lot of pics wit there phone. son this is a good phone for them.

5. unregistered

You obviusly have no understanding of cameras...just becasue its 12 mp and you could blow it up the size of a skyscrapper does not have anything to do with how the picture will actually turn out. Take your 12 mp camera in a dark setting with a POS flash and then tell him how great it is.

6. unregistered

im surprised... no "when is this coming to vzw?" comment...

14. unregistered

I like Verizon but I have to predict NEVER! Sony Ericsson only makes GSM phones and VZW's primary network is CDMA. VZW releasing hybrid CDMA/GSM phones but Sony still doesn't have any current production with CDMA networks.

7. unregistered

All these SE big plans seem a little too optimistic to me.

8. bornlikethis38 unregistered

I'm fine with getting the megapixals up to as high as possible, but i see that dudes point. The prices for these phones will be horrendous. I think people are just greedy. A 5 megapixal picture looks the same to me as a 12. If you are going to waste your money trying to take professional quality photos with your phone, you are just a poser, thinking your a photographer. I want longer battery life. thats something that's important.

9. Rocco Ruthless unregistered

As someone who is on Photoshop/Illustrator for several hours a day, but does not always have a camera with me, this is a godsend. I'll gladly pay the higher price. (more pixels have nothing to do with image quality if it already exceeds the screen resolution limit, btw) .. absolutely necessary for photo-manipulation however. This is not something that applies to most end users. May not be practical for the general public.. except as a marketing gimmick I suppose. Bigger and "better" does sell product, no doubt about that.

12. bornlikethis38 unregistered

I'll give this round to you. I guess in certain professions or hardcore hobbyists that do something with photography. it would be useful to carry around a compact high-res camera all the time as not to waste pocket space or carry around a camera bag. I'm thinking about dumb rich kids who think they are automatically real photographers with their 1000 dollar camera phone.

11. az unregistered

this is madness.... 12 mpx is to much for compact camera..... pixel density is the most important think.... this is marketing madness

13. unregistered

Maddness you say? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

15. unregistered

hahaha nice one

17. Rocky unregistered will be more better if sony can create a 12mp walkmen series phone..............

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