Sony Xperia P next on the line for an ICS update

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Sony Xperia P next on the line for an ICS update
We respect Sony. It's one of the few Android phone manufacturers that actually cares about style. Its Xperia smartphones are among the best-looking Androids out there, but they are also left running that Gingerbread build of Android, which is so not cool nowadays. Thankfully, word is that the Xperia P (that's the one that comes after the Xperia S), will be receiving an update to Ice Cream Sandwich in early August.

The good news comes from Italy (not too many good news these days, eh Italy?), where Sony Mobile has confirmed to some of its customers that an update is coming, via its Facebook page. Early August doesn't seem like a too bad timing, considering that the phone was launched in May, so who knows, maybe Sony has finally learned its lesson.

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