Sony Ericsson to share its UIQ ownership with Motorola

Sony Ericsson to share its UIQ ownership with Motorola
Motorola and Sony Ericsson signed a contract yesterday, under which the American manufacturer will become co-owner of UIQ’s parent company, held by the hybrid consortium since February, 1 when it bought its rights and licenses from Symbian Ltd. Motorola binds to develop in equal terms the user interface, though other details around the deal have not been mentioned. That is a first step to the ultimate aim of both companies to establish an UIQ-community of all mobile device vendors in the industry, which will make the interface, license and chipset -independent. All smartphones by Sony Ericsson use the UIQ interface, whereas Motorola has not used it for a long time until the appearance of Motorola MOTO Z8. Nokia today showed a touch-screen supporting improvement of its S60 interface, which tends to be the UIQ’s main rival.

source: Symbian



1. kelly unregistered

Well i wonder while SE chose motorola.Motorola has nothing to offer the UIQ,especially interms of technology.Motorola are known for their depreciating growth over previous years.I want to know why SE wanted that merger with motorola?.Would prefer HTC.

2. martins unregistered

hi Kelly,you hit me when you said all those things about motorola,though to an extent you are right but that was then,motorola now has undergone some overhaul .The Z8,is just the start,the 3rd quarter results is an example,SE are known for better mergers,for them to pick motorola is not a mistake.Don't see us as rivals rather as a welcome development to UIQ.

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