Sony Ericsson says there is still "time to go" before it launches an Android phone

Sony Ericsson says there is still
Sony Ericsson says it will release an Android powered cellphone, but it will take time before such a handset is launched. CEO Hideki Komiyama told Reuters that offering a device with the Google open source OS takes time for testing, evaluation and consumer acceptance. While many other cellphone manufacturers are rushing out Android backed models, Komiyama said that Sony Ericsson is focusing on how it can make units that are different than those of its competition despite sharing the same OS. That goal also applies to high-end phones that the partnership is making with Windows Mobile and Symbian software. Mr. Komiyama said that Sony Ericsson has no idea when its first Android handset will be available, but we know that there are many Sony Ericsson fans out there who just can't wait.

source: Reuters


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1. mcmkone

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Wait doesn't a Sony Ericsson fan like Sony ericsson's OS??? Silly guy, focus on making phones that don't all look the same and have good build quality first....!!! This is why you're laying off 2000 people right now because you're getting it wrong like Motorola and their faith in flip phones and their OS. how about you build a phone which boosts some of the features and outlooks of the PS3 and mixture of the P910i, increase the technology, professional look and style and add the correct features that actually work. oh yeah don't forget the processing power now. and here's a tip....if it's bulky and has you're same boring OS or a similar one to symbian or WM it won't sale... Trust me I know...... I've been in the mobile game for over 10 years now... n I know what takes the interest of consumers.

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