Sony Ericsson announces new Bluetooth Watch

Sony Ericsson announces new Bluetooth Watch
Sony Ericsson MBW-150 is the new watch of the manufacturer, featuring Bluetooth technology to connect with your mobile phone and act as a remote control for it. Featuring an OLED display that hides when inactive, the phone displays the name/number on an incoming call or the track’s name if you are listening to music. Using its keys, you can answer/reject a call or change the music/volume, as the MBW-150 supports AVRCP profile.

The new Sony Ericsson watches are created together with Fossil. There are three versions, with same functionality but different design: Music Edition combining black and orange, Executive with stainless-steel bracelet and Classic Edition with leather strap and black face.



1. Ravi Sundar unregistered

I want a watch to be the phone; Take calls by taping on the watch, talk through blue tooth (or any wireless) headset, write numbers or letters with finger on the watch for phone book or dialing; And messages also shown through OLED. I will do away with 3G or camera or mp3 if I can talk without having to carry a phone in pocket.

2. Steve unregistered

This is a good start until they come out with the "Dick Tracy" model. How hard is it to make one? I am sure they can I just wonder how long it will take to get a model out.

3. unregistered

It handles incoming calls, fine. What about outgoing? Why not have a phonebook. Then u can use your bluetooth headset and the watch without getting out the phone in most cases.

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