Sony Ericsson announced a line of Bluetooth watches for ladies

Sony Ericsson announced a line of Bluetooth watches for ladies
Sony Ericsson announced its second Bluetooth watch, called MBW-200, this time the target audience are the ladies. Like the MBW-150, its main purpose is to discretely inform you of incoming calls (with caller ID) and messages via vibration. The device can also control your phone’s music player and display track information, but cannot adjust the volume. The MBW-200 is available in three variants: Sparkling Allure, Contemporary Elegance and Evening Classic and no matter which one you choose, you get a week of Bluetooth usage with one charge, scratch resistant mineral glass face and water resistance of up to 3 ATM. The MBW-200 will be available in selected markets in Q4 of 2008.

source: Sony Ericssson



1. unregistered

I like my ladies to not know the time. As a matter of fact I burned all my g friends books a few months ago and her ignorance is beautiful. Why would any man want his woman to have a bluetooth watch when they should be doing dishes and raising babies. This product line is nonsense!

2. unregistered

3. unregistered

Man this guy must not really have a girlfriend because after that comment no woman should give him the time of day.She can look at her watch for a better time than with him.Hes probably a wife beater.

4. unregistered


5. unregistered

I agree I would never look at my watch to give him a second of my time!

9. unregistered

I am assuming he is being sarcastic people. Dont be so dense...

10. unregistered

Nonsense the product line would only help a woman to clean do dishes and cook dinner all the time. You could even time her to improve on her productivity. This device would most definately make her more efficient than a roomba.

6. unregistered

It sounded like a joke to me... Because it was funny as hell!!!!!!

7. unregistered

I dont see whats so funny about that!! U most be another pathetic loser like him!

8. unregistered

Actually it was really funny. It was obviously a joke get over it.

11. some guy unregistered

hell, i keep my girlfriend in the kitchen with an ankle chain, that way she is always in reach of the sink, stove, and the fridge to get me a beer

12. unregistered

o indubudubly my futile ally... better than a roomba indeed!

13. unregistered

I can't WAIT until they make one for the Men so that they can be ON TIME!!

14. unregistered

I wonder how much!!

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