Sony Ericsson W910 won the 2008 Best Handset Award

Sony Ericsson W910 won the 2008 Best Handset Award
In a competition with rivals such as the Viewty, Nokia 6500 classic and the G600, the Sony Ericsson W910 won the GSM Association’s award for Best Phone of 2007. Despite all the new devices presented at the World Mobile Congress, the judges preferred to play it safe by choosing an older but a customer tested phone, which the W910 proved to be.

Sony Ericsson W910 Specifications | Review

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1. unregistered

What in the world???

2. Horsey unregistered

Didn't deserve it. Sure, it has good performance and OK features but overpriced and design isn't the best. It should've been the Viewty or G600

3. ogee unregistered

the phone is absolutely amazing so i dont know what people ve against it. I totally agree with the award cos obviously W910i scored the higehest overall. Keep the good work sonyericsson

4. Matthew unregistered

i like tis phone but the viewty is better. the only thing good about this phone is that it is slim but also has shake control and i am a big fan of the walkman series so i think this phone is good but the viewty is better.

5. DaveDaGr8 unregistered

What is this??? some kind of JOKES??? There are many more that we think that they are great handset...why don't they rethink again!!! what is good about this handset anyway??? PRICE VS. FEATURES? or something else???

6. unregistered

Every phone out on the market is good and bad. Every person sees everything in a different way so I hate to see how people 'flame' a product just because 'they' don't like it. If you don't like it then fair enough you don't like it. However, there are people out there who do really like it. Personally I think its just as good as other phones yet at the same time no better. At the end of the day its always down to personal preference.

7. unregistered

Topic headline is -- Sony Ericsson w910...... 2008 Best handset... in article it says 2007? PLOISE EXPLOIN? lol

8. yoo unregistered

Global mobile awards winner 2008 SE W910i released in 2007

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