Sony Ericsson W580 gets a jungle green image

Sony Ericsson W580 gets a jungle green image
A picture of the new Sony Ericsson W580 in “jungle green” surfaced recently. Even though no such information has been mentioned, the new color has the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, which is celebrated on March 17. Now, it is already listed on the Sony Ericsson official website. The new color solution joins the gamma, which also includes white, black, grey and pink.

Sony Ericsson W580 Specifications | Review

source: Sony Ericsson via IntoMobile



1. Blackberry101 unregistered

i hate to say this but i like the design and all the colors, its a great looking phone ive been in the cell phone industry for 3and a half years and i must say for a starter syle phone its preety coo especially coming from sony ericsson, most of the times i feel like throwing up whenever i see them.. good job sony

2. George unregistered

This phone is great...I think the colors look good. And, though it looks thick, it is very thin in person. The only Con is the keys...they are not the best, but easy to get used to.

3. gaymanlovers unregistered

This new phone colour is so ugly the only one that looks good is the pink one!

10. unregistered

haha you have absolutely no taste in phones. The green looks sweet. You're probably just a preppy school girl who thinks pink is the only important colour. Grow up!

4. michael unregistered

the next razr lol

5. bella unregistered

the buttons r poo on this phone, i yext alot and they literaly come off on the tip of my finger, thats the only bad thing i can say bout the phone, i love my pink 1, oh thers no flash either which is a bit disapointing

6. unregistered

I actually just got the new W580 in jungle green and it is MUCH prettier in person. The keys (which you cannot see in ANY of the photos [boo hoo]) actually have tiny little lime green rhinestone-looking things in-between them. I ADORE my new phone and honestly, for those of you who think the phone sucks, you should try it. It's great. xxx

7. georgeyy_sampson_lover_123 unregistered

I'm looking for a new phone i'm stuck between the Z610i and W580, any tips??

8. star unregistered

W580 is better

9. unregistered

w580!!!! is much better

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