"You will not be disappointed": Sony official might have teased that a 4K OLED Xperia is in the works

Just recently, we heard the rather too-good-to-be-true rumor that Sony might launch a certain Xperia flagship with a 4K OLED display in tow, which is unheard of on the mobile scene. A recent rumor based around a leaked spec sheet detailing the rumored Sony Xperia XZ Pro has been the originator of this speculation. Some job listings as well as a Sony official have recently poured more oil into the fire hinting that Sony is actively exploring the idea of 4K OLEDs and could theoretically surprise everyone soon...
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13. hansip87

Posts: 226; Member since: Nov 10, 2015

Well VR mobile still benefit from it, plus with OLED, the black pixel will be turned off. The questionable part is when doing web rendering though..

15. Predator1701

Posts: 130; Member since: Oct 28, 2014

They better make a damn good 6" OLED screen first and foremost. Then the usual suspects, Snapdragon 845,8GB of RAM, 18:9 aspect ratio, 19 mpx camera, wireless charging,3800 mah battery.

32. Humanoid

Posts: 1226; Member since: Dec 11, 2017

6" 18:9 has same ppi of 5.5" 16:9. It is pointless to change.

40. Anonymous.

Posts: 423; Member since: Jun 15, 2016

Would prefer a 5.7" 18:9 4K OLED... Dope!

35. Fireman111886

Posts: 22; Member since: Jan 18, 2014

Pure stock Android w/ removable Sony apps? *no skin or forced to have apps

19. Ciro1900

Posts: 591; Member since: Dec 17, 2017

Joled is send 4k display sony 22" for medics monitors I could also be sending oleds 5.7 ". http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/atclen/news_en/15mk/060201373/ I do not think Sony will buy Samsung penline crapmoleds JOLED's OLED panels are characterized by the employment of "RGB Printing Method," which uses three types of OLED materials (red, green and blue materials) for printing. Unlike a vapor deposition method, which is currently the mainstream, the RGB Printing Method does not require a high-resolution mask for applying different materials and makes it easy to deal with large-size panels. Also, compared with a method that combines white OLEDs and color filters, which are used for OLED TVs, the new method realizes a lower power consumption because it does not use color filters, according to JOLED. I believe that the OLED 4k will be ready for next year, when next next Xperia premium

23. Ciro1900

Posts: 591; Member since: Dec 17, 2017

Phonearena Why do you think Sony wants to buy crapmoleds 4k penline to Samsung?

27. HansP

Posts: 542; Member since: Oct 16, 2011

I don't know? They do seem hellbent on failing on mobile, so... Keep building those bezels with a small screen in between for all I care.

37. ryq24

Posts: 875; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

Make it 120hz like razer phone.

45. Humanoid

Posts: 1226; Member since: Dec 11, 2017

All X flagships can run 120Hz full HD. Enable it on developers mode.

47. Humphrey.One

Posts: 33; Member since: Nov 14, 2013

Would be great for using with Google Daydream/Cardboard. Also, setting it to run basic UI and apps on 1080p and switching to 4k only for VR, 4k videos and viewing pics on full screen would be great. Especially since 4k (2160x3840) scales down to FullHD (1080x1920) so nicely, simply displaying each 1 rendered pixel on 4 physical pixels on the screen.

53. Shamoy

Posts: 112; Member since: Dec 28, 2013

Panel will be made by JAPAN DISPLAY INC. (JDI) with RGB, not s**tty Samsung Pentile.

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