Some of the best real-time strategy games for iPhone and Android (2016)

Some of the best real-time strategy games for iPhone and Android (2016)
While many strategies may seem a bit slow and dull to the casual observer, those who are addicted to the genre know that it's a thrilling battle of wits, patience, tactical thinking, and resource control. Even more so if we are talking about real-time strategies – there is no time to take a breather, no time for bathroom breaks, and definitely no cut in the flow of action and outsmarting. 

The touch input of smartphones and tablets may not lend itself well to arcade games, slashers, and shooters, but there is something very intuitive about it when we are talking point-and-click genres. And, as it happens, most strategies are just that. Now, while a mobile gamer may rarely have time for a full-fledged strategy match, there are definitely times when the only gaming device we have is our phone / tablet. Does this mean we shouldn't be able to enjoy a nicely infuriating strategy? Of course not!

If those words resonate with you, you may want to check out the 10 games below — these are some of the best strategies for 2015 - 2016.

MechCom 2

Developer: Game Dev TeamDownload: Android | iOS
Game style: Classic RTSPrice: $0.99

A happy, colorful game, where robots blow each other up with gigantic weaponry — what else could one ask for? MechCom 2 is cheap, has no in-app purchases, yet offers hours of fun against AI or in multiplayer. It follows that classic RTS recipe – gather resources, build a base, create an army, crush your foe... lest they crush you!

Machines at War 3

Developer: Isotope 244Download: Android | iOS
Game style: Classic RTSPrice: $6.99

Same as above, Machines at War 3 follows the tried-and-true recipe of good-old RTS games. In fact, it has a slight Command & Conquer of the 90s feel to it. It's a top-down strategy that might not look exactly great, but it has a great variety of units and superweapons to pummel your foes with!

Transformers: Earth Wars

Developer: Backflip StudiosDownload: Android | iOS
Game style: ManagementPrice: free (IAPs)

The definitive RTS game for Transformers fans on mobile. It's a free-to-play, with in-app purchases, so that's a bit of a downer. However, the game itself is universally loved by gamers. It's a Clash of Clans-esque strategy where you get to build an army of your favorite robots, ally with friends, and go into battle together. And yes, you can choose to play as the Decepticons!

Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Developer: SegaDownload: Android | iOS
Game style: ManagementPrice: free (IAPs)

A bit of a weird name, indeed, but don't let that mislead you – this is a pretty solid strategy from the "Kingdom manager", Clash of Clans-like subgenre. A free title that can get a bit steep with IAPs, so spend wisely. As can be expected, the main goal is to build a massive kingdom and ally with friends to lay waste on anyone who dares to oppose you.

First Strike 1.3

Developer: FEINHEIT GmbHDownload: Android | iOS
Game style: TacticalPrice: free (IAPs)

A rather depressing game to play in this day and age, where global tensions are a bit high, First Strike has you take command of one of the world's nuclear-capable superpowers and, well... lay waste on your enemies before they do the same to you. The trick is to somehow manage to end the nuclear war before the little rock that we live on goes completely kaboom. Yeah, we told you – depressing.

Cartoon Wars 3

Developer: GAMEVIL Inc.Download: Android | iOS
Game style: Tower defense / offensePrice: free (IAPs)

Let's get back to the funnies. Cartoon Wars 3 is basically a tower defense — yes, you have units that move towards the opponent's base, but your goal is to pick the right ones to build and upgrade them appropriately so they can push to your opponent's base and destroy it. All the while, you need to defend your own base with troops and towers. So, it's a mix of tower defense and offense – kind of like Anomaly, but in 2D and with funny animations. It's freemium, so there's an element of grinding if you don't want to pay for the IAPs.

Age of Defenders

Developer: TINYSOFTDownload: iOS
Game style: Tower defense / offensePrice: $2.99 (IAPs)

A tower defense / offense mix that is built primarily for multiplayer, but can be enjoyed in single player as well. Age of Defenders is futuristic, post-apocalyptic, and quite deep for a mobile game. Unfortunately, it has IAPs on top of the $3 price-tag, so be careful with your real world credits!

Alien Tribe 2

Developer: Ukando SoftwareDownload: iOS
Game style: RTS / Management / TDPrice: $4.99 (IAPs)

This is a heavy mix between a few main genres. You've got your space exploration and base / resource management, then some tower defense as you set up your ship's weapons, and some RTS elements when someone attacks you (the so-called 4X sub-genre). Despite the $5 price-tag, the game still has in-app purchases to speed up some grinding elements. Spending the extra cash is not necessary if you enjoy your time with the game, but still a bit shady that the developer decided to include it.


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