Some iPhone 4 units getting ready to leave China all warm and comfy?

Some iPhone 4 units getting ready to leave China all warm and comfy?
Some of those who have pre-ordered the iPhone 4 have noted that their handset is now being prepped for shipment. This is the very first stage that the phone must go through before it leaves China and heads for other countries. With some iPhones being tucked in and made comfortable for the long journey to its ultimate destination, it is possible that some lucky individuals might find themselves staring at the Retina Display on their new Apple touchscreen model a few days earlier than they expected. Even if the manufacturer could deliver early every single one of the 600,000 units pre-ordered, it always holds a few handsets back so that some phones are received right on the expected launch date and not a second sooner. In this case, the iPhone 4 is expected to ship on June 24th.

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications

source: electronista



1. ILOVEIPHONE25 unregistered

Those chinks better have my phone ready by thursday or I'm going to china and making them work 120 a week with no breaks.....OOhhhh wait they already do! lol

2. E.N.

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that's not really funny

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