Soldier's life saved by his Apple iPhone 5s; Apple waits three months to reward this hero

The Apple iPhone 5s has a lot of cool features including a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. But nowhere will you find any documentation stating that the phone is supposed to be equipped with lifesaving armor. Surely the iPhone is not tested to see if it can withstand the blast from a bomb. Yet, that is exactly what happened in Afghanistan...
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23. steedsofwar unregistered

Soldiers have minds of their own. Md Ali refused to kill people in Vietnam and was shown prison for that. Unless you think German soldiers killing Jews were 'just taking orders'. Pathetic. Stop deflecting responsibility. The individual who kills people AND his state are answerable.

31. Reluctant_Human

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That's a bit off topic from techdudes original argument but i'll bite. While I agree with you to a certain extent that; yes a soldier and state are responsible for their actions but they are also responsible for their inaction. A soldier that refuses to do his job faces penalties. This has always been the case. In the case of Md Ali he knew what his actions would bring. A soldier that refuses to fight faces penalties. This is the price of enlistment and citizenship in the case of a draft. That has always been the case throughout human history. He got off lucky because in older times he would been put in the front line and faced with kill or be killed and desertion would also be a death penalty by their own soldiers. Sadly there were German soldiers opposed to the war that did that to preserve their own lives. It still goes on all around us for example, the child soldiers in Africa. It's the sad world we live in but regardless we make our decisions and have to live with them and die by them. Now I ask you a question in return since your so in favor of defection. Would your opinion of defection and responsibility change if it was an American, British, Russian, or allied soldier fighting the Nazis that refused to fight? Would you call them cowardly then? It's not defecting responsibility. Its about accepting it. If you don't want to fight don't enlist. If you enlisted then you have greater responsibilities and harsher penalties.

24. steedsofwar unregistered


19. iluvsonynokia

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low quality bullets

50. galanoth07

Posts: 44; Member since: Jan 23, 2014

actually it's not a bullet

20. -box-

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I'm not surprised this is an Alan article. Don't ban me again for pointing that out, though. Any relatively solid device could have protected as well as the phone mentioned, since aluminum used in iDevices isn't much greater than aluminum foil used for food.

22. -box-

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I'm curious why he even had an iDevice on him, as I believe only Blackberries and particular Android builds are the only modern mobile OSes acceptable for front-line deployments

29. Commentator

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25. AfterShock

Posts: 4146; Member since: Nov 02, 2012

Phone slows penetrating effect of ONE piece of shrapnel, but if it was another phone... He would have been riddled with shrapnel! Dafuq?

30. boosook

Posts: 1442; Member since: Nov 19, 2012

So the iphone is better than the Bible... ;)

32. Slammer

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Yes! Who needs weapons? We shall fight all wars with iphones. We will walk into battle armed only with aluminum phones and cease all evil amoung the world. Let's here it for aluminum iphones. Carry around one of these bad boys and we will be like Superman. No harm will ever be brought to us. Other countries will be like: "F*** this s*** dude, he's got an aluminum iphone" John B.

38. JerryTime

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Glad the soldiers life was saved, but get real phone arena... Bibles, cigarette cases, flasks, hell even food stores have saved soldiers lives against spherical bullets and or shrapnel for centuries. Why do we always have to make it into somethings it's not?

39. Dingy_cellar_dweller

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Soldiers should stop wearing their helmets and armor and replace it with two iphone's to be safer. /sarcasm Its a bit like the old joke, did the sheriffs badge save the former Sheriffs life. It would of, if not for all the other bullets that shot him.

40. dexter_jdr

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hahahaha typical apple - heartless. a choice to replace the iphone or keep it? stupidity at its best.. until they used their brain and realized it soon

41. darkkjedii

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Much respect to the soldier, and good job apple, for doing the honorable thing. Kudos to both.

43. darkkjedii

Posts: 30829; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Man the iHaters are in an uproar over this lol. Sound like a bunch of chicks PMS'ing


Posts: 2810; Member since: Oct 03, 2012

If the used a Nokia 3310......the phone would not have a scratch hahaha. But this marketing is just bull, because not only iphone could stop de bearing other phones would have done the same!

46. Mr.Gru

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Most of you seem oblivious to the fact that he was wearing seval thousand dollars worth of battle rattle ( body armor) which is what actually protected/saved him from the blast. it just so happend that he had an iphone and it took some of that blast and now its credited with saving his life. If Alan F. was so confident in the Iphones "protection abilities", he should detonate an IED or dirty bomb infront of him wearing nothing but the iphone and also be "sporting a plastic phone" and see how well that works out for him, and which one saves him....would see if he is "riddled with holes" at the end due to the "plastic phone". He can sure do alot of S---t talking (which seems to be a common theme from almost everyone on this site), but when it comes to backing any of it up, where is he? All credibility he ever had is to start the timer and wait for my accont to get blocked and comment deleted....

47. darkkjedii

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Dude your post was stupid

48. Arte-8800

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Blaa bla blaaa Truth hurts Living in denial ,,,,,?

51. galanoth07

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I don't understand why people are saying that "if it was another phone the shrapnel would stopped" The important thing is the phone saved the soldier and Apple will give him another iPhone. No need to compare it to other phones.
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