Soft stylus for iPhone

Soft stylus for iPhone
As one would expected, not all people like using fingers to navigate the iPhone, be it because of finger prints or due to typing difficulties. For all of you that prefer to use a stylus, there is a new kid in town. The stylus is made of aluminum and has a carrying clip. The tip is made of rubber that is guaranteed not to scratch the screen of your precious screeniPhone. Just as a reminder, ordinary ones have a plastic pointy tip.

As the iPhone doesn't have a slot for a stylus, this one comes with built-in shirt clip, to attach to you. We would have liked if it had with optional key ring, but obviously you cannot get everything for as little as $12.99

source: Crave



1. Dexter unregistered

Big who cares. Apparently a very slow day in phone news.

2. unregistered

$12.99 for rubber on a stick!?!?!?!! What a rip-off!

3. bmfu unregistered

damn right

4. samg unregistered

Why dont you just use a pencil with an eraser that costs 2 cents

5. Alex unregistered

Does it actually work with the iPhone? It was my understanding that only your finger would work...

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