Sneak peek at the new Symbian UI from Nokia

Sneak peek at the new Symbian UI from Nokia
Nokia came out during its Capital Market day and said that the Symbian platform isn't bad, it is the UI that is the problem. So the Finnish manufacturer is reworking the UI to streamline the system, add multi-touch capabilties and lessen the number of strokes required to get a task done. Other improvements will be found in scrolling where the rate will increase from 15fps to 60 fps, and Nokia plans on removing a whopping 350 user prompts that act as interruptions while navigating a phone. Available some time next year, the new platform should be three times faster to use, not to mention countless times easier. How good is the new Symbian platform? "Magical," says Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

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5. Pharohl unregistered

Nokia is noticing that the tide is turning. Back then, when there weren't any major operating systems for smartphones except Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm and Apple, which were centered off of particular models, it really didn't have to focus on improving Symbian. It thought that stealing it from Sony Ericsson would stomp out SE's hopes of developing more UIQ smartphones-which it did, for only a few years. However, as more smartphones are dumped on the market, and as more operating systems emerge such as Android and the newly published Samsung based "bada" operating system, Nokia must focus on improving Symbian if it wishes to compete. Improving means basically making the operating system user friendly, something it has failed to do since it acquired Symbian Software Limited in 2008. Although Symbian is the world's most popular operating system, accounting for more than 50% of smartphone sales, if it doesn't improve the user interface, these statistics will drastically change before mid 2010.

4. ellistiu911

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Doesn't look better than it's current state,except for the album art cover flow. . . But hey,they are just imitating what Apple is making. They should make something new. . . like making a dedicated button showing the multimedia screen (one example if you press the dedicated multimedia menu showing the rainbow logo of the s60 moving and showing all the multimedia content,exploring songs with the Say and play feature,the rainbow flow meaning you just don't navigate it left and right,but turning it the wheel in every direction. Plus while the Track is playing the background of the now playing screen it has a visualization,like color waves flowing.In the picture gallery we can see again the rainbow wheel help navigating those photos switching photos involves turning the wheel. ) So let's just hope that the next s60 will be a lot better and more easy to use

3. DontHateOnS60

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That album cover view is the most inefficient way to scroll through your music. The only reason they're probably going to do it is because of how it "looks." That's how dumb things have gotten now. It's not about how easy something is to scroll through or how fast I can get to an artist I want. It's now about how good it looks while I'm doing it. I don't care if Joe Schmo likes it, I don't. Nokia better give us options of how we want our content shown to us in that music player. I'm going to miss that scroll bar on the side as well. It works wonders for getting to a photo at the bottom of a gallery of 500 photos. Again Nokia, let's think about this. Do you really want to go with looks over efficiency and ease?? You have both kinetic scrolling and the bar on the side to drag in S60 5th right now. It's perfect. Leave it there. There's a lot of Maemo 5 in this device, that's for sure. Tap and hold better bring up a menu on whatever you tap and hold on too.

2. kam72

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There will always be those that hate on nokia and symbian. No matter what nokia does to improve on the O.S. and U.I. people will still take shots at them. I guess that is what happens when you are number one. Great job, nokia.

1. deschats

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talk about ugly and outdated.

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