Smartphones with 128GB internal memory coming next year

Smartphones with 128GB internal memory coming next year
With the ever growing smartphone market, comprised of the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices, we have seen phones come with larger amounts of internal memory.With that said, Toshiba has announce they are about to introduce a 128GB memory chip to the Japanese market. The model THGBM2T0DBFBAIF is comprised of 16 64Gbit (8 GB) NAND chips using 32nm manufacturing process, integrating a dedicated controller and in a small form factor (17×22x1.4mm). The first samples of these 128GB chips will be avaliable in September and mass production would begin in Q4, but in the mean time Toshiba says the 64GB chip will be out in August. Even though the new iPhone 4 has a max memory of 32GB, it has been rumored that a 64GB version may be out later this year. Maybe we'll see smartphones use the 128GB chip next year...iPhone 5, Motorola DROID X2?

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14. Superbustr

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You can fill up a 32gb smartphone with music easily. It just depends what quality of music you put on it. For example on apple smartphones, the highest data rate music it can play is .mp3. But if you were to get less compressed music like .wav or flac and put it on your phone it would take up a lot more space. But yet again you probably won't benefit from putting higher quality music on your phone if you have s**tty headphones. Perhaps if you are playing your music through car speakers, it would be worth getting the higher quality music.

12. locoboy808

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13. ellistiu911

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11. locoboy808

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yea you are right but soon they are going to have chips that they can install in your hand or in your forehead I'm not going to do that but they said if you don't get that chip you cant buy food or pay bills it has all your info on it so that means no more real money paper money will no longer exist you will have credits only


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Its just a matter of time before we will be able to play the latest pc games on our cell phones. People will be able to play WOW on their cell phone. And honestly, it could happen within the next couple years...or sooner.

7. locoboy808

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iphone sucks lol hahah i filled up my 32g in about a week after i got it i got to many movies and videos from you tube with the you tube downloader you can download it right from your cell phone and save it as mp4 or mp3 o and i got to many hacks i love my hacks to i save all my hacks lol AND IF YOU LIKE SKYFIRE LOOK UP THIS ONE uZardWebP browser

3. crd22

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128 GB on a phone... might I say a quite excessive? With 128 GB storage, I want the ability to download (and actually save) every video I watch, as well as every picture I download from websites. Nobody's filling 128 GB with apps (maybe music), so might as well put it to good use and use it to load webpages faster.

4. tuminatr

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I can just hear it now can you transfer the pictures and videos from my old phone to my new one, sure come back this time tomorrow and I will have that done for you!!


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wow.....cell phones are going to replace laptops soon.

9. locoboy808

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you can hack your phone in to a laptop but you need to wait for the 1tp micro sd card

1. zerglisk

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It's about TIME!

5. paps511

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its about time? have you really filled up a 32 gig sd card? and what do you put on it? thousands of songs of music? the only people i actually know who use their phone for music are iphone users

6. GlenF

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Actually i use an Droid Incredible and have 14 gb of music

8. locoboy808

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i had the Droid Incredible it suck for me i only love windows mobile phones but i love the games on the Droid Incredible so i hacked my phone in to it lol i can change my cell in to 20 ui's thats why i love wm

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