Smartphones patented

Smartphones patented
An application filed for a patent on “mobile entertainment and communications device” was approved and issued last week by the US patent and Trademark Office. If you read the description of the device you realize that it basically outlines the smartphone concept ("... a mobile phone with removable storage, an internet connection, a camera and the ability to download audio or video files”). Only a minute after the application was approved, the patent holding company filed three separate lawsuits against all major companies producing or offering smartphones, including Nokia, RIM, Sprint, AT&T, Motorola, HP and more. We think that’s absurd! It's time for a change in our legal/patenting system, allowing people like these, to get the rights for something they didn't even invent or think of first.

source: United States Patent and Trademark Office via Slashdot



1. Matt unregistered

here is the abstract: A mobile entertainment and communication device in a palm-held size housing has a cellular or satellite telephone capable of wireless communication with the Internet and one or more replaceable memory card sockets for receiving a blank memory card for recording data directly from the Internet and, in particular, musical performances that then can be selectively reproduced by the device for the enjoyment of the user, including both audio and visual recordings and reproductions. The device also includes a camera and microphone for recording images and sound within the range of the device that can be wirelessly transmitted, either selectively or automatically to a remote telephone. Further, the device includes sensors for sensing unusual conditions that may also be transmitted to a remote telephone, together with the location of the device as determined by a GPS section of the device. " I personally would like to figure out who patented this, who approved it, and punch all of them in the throat... "absurd" is to gentle a word. "Idiocracy" at it's fullest. Go watch the movie, it is coming more true everyday.

2. Xela unregistered

I totally agree. Everybody should watch the movie to get the idea...

3. suv unregistered

I guess no matter how low you think most people are the bottom rung on the ladder of society, someone manages to go another rung lower.

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