Smartphones are catching up with $2,000 cameras in terms of video recording, and here's the proof

For years now, smartphones have been pummeling the sales of point-and-shoot cameras, and for good reason. As they say, the best camera often is the one you have on you, ready to snap a picture. And so, as smartphone cameras continued to be relentlessly improved, so did the appeal of a dedicated camera kept closing in on zero. But a full-fledged mirrorless camera? That's another topic — at least according to many...
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1. hafini_27

Posts: 945; Member since: Oct 31, 2013

Seriously, galaxy S6 camera is just awesome.

31. medicci37

Posts: 1361; Member since: Nov 19, 2011

I've noticed that for some reason low light are oversaturated at 16 mp but if I drop it down to 8 mp pics look much better

38. sgtdisturbed47

Posts: 965; Member since: Feb 02, 2012

As a point-and-shoot it does extremely well for having such a small sensor. This comparison is silly. People don't use a DSLR in Auto. Ever. The ones that do will end up dumping their "Soccer Mom" budget DSLR with coke-bottle slow kit lens in favor of a smartphone camera. Those that use a DSLR regularly will learn the basics of photography, which will yield far better results than Auto. If you want to compare real results, hand that DSLR to someone that knows what they're doing. They'll shoot RAW and process the image annually in their "digital darkroom", instead of using Auto. The result will exceed any smartphone camera capability.

2. pmsap

Posts: 105; Member since: May 26, 2015

Just missing the "true" slowmotion of 480fps with good quality (HD at least). Maybe with the multi-camera smartphone to be introduced in 2016/2017 we will see a true improvement.

3. MahmoudHamsharii

Posts: 70; Member since: Aug 28, 2013

The galaxy S6 tends to have over contrast images in daylight gives the image more beauty even if it wasn't natural, the Z3 gives the nearest image to the human eye view.

11. Jason2k13

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

your eyes see's purple skies and purple tinge on objects?

15. RajRicardo

Posts: 486; Member since: Feb 28, 2014

I dont have any purple tinge on my Z3. Maybe the authors device has a defective camera. Its a common defect in Xperia line devices.

16. Jason2k13

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

So your saying other professional reviewers have defective Z3 to?

19. buccob

Posts: 2955; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

You call PA "professional reviewers"??? what a joke.

22. Jason2k13

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

You must be a joke to for coming here since 2012 with over 2000 post?

28. buccob

Posts: 2955; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

I love this website and the frequency of its news... I am dissatisfied with the objectiveness, professionalism and quality of reviews Whats the joke about that? PA is just a bunch of folks and kids with sponsorship to buy new phones and toys and play with it just like any tech lover would do, and some authors are eloquent enough to make compelling articles, while others rely on click-bait.... and almost no one is truly objective when reviewing a smartphone, so not many I would call professional reviewers.

30. Jason2k13

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

Your still making a joke about yourself, the news is written by PA reviewers who you call a 'joke' yet your still here reading all their news and commenting on them and giving them more views and likes. Do you go to a McDonald's restaurant, tell the workers their burgers suck but still you come there everyday to eat their food? also sounds like if theirs an article that you disagree on, you call the Arthur a 'joke'.

40. RajRicardo

Posts: 486; Member since: Feb 28, 2014

Its not the article people are disagreeing on. Are you saying PA reviewers ALWAYS get perfect devices??? Do you even own a Z3? I own one and I said I DONT HAVE ANY PURPLE TINT ISSUE WHILE FILMING VIDEOS EVEN IN 4K. And I also said "MAYBE" the authors camera is defective. I'm not saying it defintely is defective. READ PEOPLE READ!!!

44. ninja_master

Posts: 306; Member since: Feb 27, 2015

Dont bother replying to that sony hater

24. Hallyu

Posts: 790; Member since: Jul 21, 2015

Z3 produces sub-par detail and distortion in low light condition. Since we have our dearest Sony fanboys who station here and are willing to defend it at any cost, and refuse to point out its mistakes, I'm not surprised at all that Sony keep going down. Yes, not even in the top 10 largest phone makers.

32. anleoflippy

Posts: 596; Member since: Jan 03, 2013

I see you are the new papasmurf? Got to right that down.

41. RajRicardo

Posts: 486; Member since: Feb 28, 2014

We are not defending anything. Z3 has awful camera 'software'. But don't comment on the hardware itself as the precious S6 also employs a sony made sensor.

4. Hallyu

Posts: 790; Member since: Jul 21, 2015

The Galaxy S6 camera just blow its competitors away. Samsung = King

10. kabiluddin

Posts: 274; Member since: Feb 28, 2015

Hallyu = SuperNova/SuperKorea/AppleCultist/All the patriot accounts.

5. hound.master

Posts: 1044; Member since: Feb 27, 2015

Well these phones are no match for this camera remember that phones have limited capabilities there's a reason why it costs 2000$ cause its for pros of course phones pics may look better due to software optimization but lets recall that it's no big deal for pro cameras since they shot in raw and optimizations can be done later this camera in a hands of a pro shots better each and everytime.

8. EcoCare

Posts: 444; Member since: Jul 30, 2014

Yeah but the thing is.... not all people are (and want to be) pros.

45. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

If your spending 2k on the camera, what the hell are you doing if not trying to be even a semi-pro? I spent 400 on a deal for our t5i DSLR and I will in no way ever think the s6 will ever outdo its clarity and ability, because it cant. The lens' alone are enough to make any camera, even my loved 1020 just a cameraphone. If all you are doing is keeping it at 35mm and snapping in auto, then you are wasting a camera of 2k proportions, and no review that is ever reputable will ever think you can replace it. If we really want to get to the king of camera's take out the 1020/808 give it to a pro and let him shoot his own wedding photos with it...oh wait that has been done and it looked amazing. I still wouldn't replace the DSLR for that type of photography. And yes details matter. Not 16MP camera can makeup the details that a focused 41MP sensor will gather. There is a clear difference when using the raw 39MB file and a 16MB file. There is even a difference between the 930/1520 (which is on par with the s6), when you zoom in etc.

47. Plutonium239

Posts: 1176; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

I have seen mods done to the Lumia 1020 camera grip so that lenses will screw onto it. The Lumia 1020, supplemented by an amazing lens gets extremely close to DSLRs and far better than any other phone. If you don't like the color saturation, make sure you set it to raw so you can process the image yourself(although personally, I like the way it makes the colors pop, it does over do it just slightly, and most of my pictures look better than the actual scene, at least in my opinion).

50. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

Indeed, it is my favorite shooter, I have seen them do the 1520 one as well for attachable lens. Currently using the 1520 as my daily driver. I want to purchase the 1020 adapter just haven't gotten around to it. Currently want to build a telescope for it instead. Its just amazing what the Raw 39MP file pulls in compared to other camera's. With the s6 software doing a great job, it still cant match imo the 1020s details, especially when zoomed in on the full raw and then processed afterwards.

51. Plutonium239

Posts: 1176; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

I know exactly what you are saying, many people blindly go based on the ratings of websites. Put a high res picture from a Lumia 1020 and an S6 on a 4k display(or better) and the picture of the 1020 will blow the S6 out of the water in terms of details captured. If you try to display the high res picture on anything below a 4k display, details will appear blurry.

26. ph00ny

Posts: 2013; Member since: May 26, 2011

Biggest part of the camera equation for dslr is the lens. Not sure about other brands but when i carried around canon dslr, my glasses were worth more than the body and it took some spectacular shots. All the adjustments availble in dslr is on a whole different level and the result is hugely user dependant

6. ciprian_xro

Posts: 4; Member since: Mar 30, 2015

try lumia 1020 and see the true snapshot!!!

12. Jason2k13

Posts: 1450; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

The lumia 1020 is probably worst than the Sony Z3 in terms of video recording.

17. razraptre

Posts: 168; Member since: Oct 21, 2014

Manual focus during video.

37. Plutonium239

Posts: 1176; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

The Lumia 1020 is fine during video recording, just need a tripod and the camera-grip case. The issue with taking video with my 1020 is that if I move too much, it can lose focus on something far away that I am trying to record, such as fireworks. I recorded fireworks on the 4th on a boat with my 1020, it did an excellent job, and the video turned out better than my friend's s6 did. However, it did lose focus throughout the video as the boat was not exactly stable nor was holding it in my hand. The ois could be better.

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