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Skype's new Windows 8 interface leaks out

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Skype's new Windows 8 interface leaks out
We got the Skype integration in Windows 8 detailed recently, but didn't know what it will look like until now, when a few screenshots from the upcoming Skype app leaked out.

Optimized for touch on tablets, and with entirely minimalistic Metro (oops, sorry, Modern) UI, the new Skype interface blends pretty well with the rest of the Windows 8 default apps, showing that Microsoft will have finished the integration of Skype into its products by the time Win 8 hits the shelves.

The app is marked as "Preview" at this stage, but the sources claim it is very fast and fluid nonetheless, and will have the same look and feel on Windows 8, as well as Windows RT tablets with ARM processors, making your Skype-ing experience uniform across the board.

source: Neowin

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