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Skynet is coming: Google uses "virtual brain" to improve voice recognition

0. phoneArena posted on 11 Oct 2012, 20:42

Google is ready to make put its artificial intelligence platform, its "virtual brain" technology, to better use soon. The software has already taught itself to recognize human faces and cat faces, and is now gearing up to take on the difficult task of speech recognition...

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posted on 12 Oct 2012, 00:24 4

22. ilia1986 (unregistered)

I'd rather be assimilated by Google, than enslaved by Apple. :D

posted on 12 Oct 2012, 12:53 2

29. roscuthiii (Posts: 2233; Member since: 18 Jul 2010)

Perhaps my Ultimate Dream is still a possibility: The Robo-Zombie Apocalypse!!!

posted on 13 Oct 2012, 12:08

30. MATOZ (Posts: 74; Member since: 10 Aug 2011)

Wow... Terminator's Skynet doomsday is really coming soon!! indeed!

Waiting for little John Connor to try to save our world!

posted on 15 Oct 2012, 07:32

32. zombieguy85 (Posts: 1; Member since: 15 Oct 2012)

Some men just wanna watch the world BURN!

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