SideKick Slide coming in Red

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SideKick Slide coming in Red
For those who are not in love with the Purple color of the Slide, T-Mobile will offer a new “fire red” variant. It keeps the same black for the rest of the body, but the red is in the indicators of the buttons and around the full QWERTY, when the display is slid open – something only the “Motorola SideKick” offers, as the other have the typical “SideKick opening mechanism”. Expect it in late May or early June.

T-Mobile SideKick Slide Specifications

source: BGR



1. George unregistered

UGLY...Sidekicks suck...they're not on a good network, also.

2. Tiger Uppercut unregistered

I like the look and feel of the sidekick...but not in a million years will I be on T-Mobile's network.

3. unregistered

the network is fine, trust me i use it

4. ricky martin unregistered

u said red not hot pink, learn your colors momo

5. tmobile rep unregistered

t-mobile is not a bad network it was bad for a while but only got better we are rated #1 through consumer reports and in business week rated #27 in the top 100 businsses and our 3G network and because your mom and dad pay your bill and your in your 20's does not mean you should say something that you have no clue about

6. Metrosine unregistered

I'll most likely be purchasing this in the near future. ive been on t-mobile for the last 5 years and am quite happy with the service.

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