Send self-destructing SMS messages on BlackBerry

Send self-destructing SMS messages on BlackBerry
We have all had those times where we have had sensitive information to send to people, only to find that it has been forwarded to others without consent.  Or, what about those times where you send something that you regret?  BigString Corporation has just the solution, and it comes in the form of a software program called SMS Eraser.

Using the program, users can send SMS text messages, and have them self-destruct in a set time period, or after a certain number of views.  The program costs $29.95, and is only available for BlackBerry devices at this time.  The software supports BlackBerry OS 4.1-4.6. and can be downloaded via CrackBerry's online software store

Perhaps in the future, the software can play the Mission Impossible theme song before it self-destructs the message.  A suggestion for a future version, we suppose.

Source: CrackBerry via Slash Phone



1. xxxgamer unregistered

whoa thats kind cool...

16. unregistered

So how does it erase itself once its been delivered to the target handset? I dont doubt it works but deleting information from another persons machine without there consent(unless your bb of course) sounds illegal. Id be interested to know how it deletes itself.

2. unregistered

lol i like that mission impossable idea

3. unregistered


4. unregistered

Thats actually a really good idea ..

5. KevinD unregistered

wow perfect for sending texts to your girlfriend so her husband cant read them if she forgets to erase your texts..... =)~

11. unregistered

LOL, amen brotha. You know how to tell your girlfriend is getting fat? When she starts fitting into your wifes clothes!!

6. unregistered

LOL~ thats just evil...

7. unregistered

yeah but funny!

8. b unregistered

ok say if i have the software on my blackberry, if i send a text to someone without the software will it still work ?

9. unregistered

that should be illegal....i want it

10. unregistered

sweet when does it come out for windows mobile?

12. unregistered

thats pretty sick. self erasing messages.

13. unregistered

You people are all stupid. Both phones would have to have this retarded software in order for it to work. So the receiving person could forward the txt of an sms and only hope that the next persons phone honors the time-delayed erasure or deletion. I hate people who make retarded software and prey on all you stupid retards out there. Hope you all pay hundreds for it and may you never realize your stupidity.

14. unregistered

Thats not how the software works!!!! Ha.ha. ha. heee. heee. The only one that is stupid is YOU... Perhaps you should have downloaded the free trial and tried it yourself before opening your mouth! I absolutely love people who are this sure of themselves and so full of it...hee hee You made my day! By the way found any of the weapons of mass destruction yet George?

15. unregistered

Yes, you're the stupid one number 14. Both phones don't need the software on them for it to work as intended you imbecilic moron...

18. unregistered

How are we going to pay hundreds for it when its $29.95? Oh we are probably going to drop a hundred dollar bill on the table and tell them to keep the change? I hate stupid ignorant people that think they know what they are talking about but have no idea about anything. Bomb idea though. I would personally not pay for the feature but if it were free I'd def give it a go. I have sent the message that you don't want forwarded or kept on the end users phone so this is a pretty solid idea. Drop the price and we are in business

17. unregistered

I read this stuff everyday and all yall do is insult each other.......get a lifeeeee....or at least respect each other

19. unregistered

if i bought this, all my messages would end with "This message will self destruct in 5...4....3...2...1

22. unregistered

lmao thats stupid funny ;0

20. unregistered

It's like as the old fashioned flash sms with funny content "SIM Blocked!"? Quite popular in late 80's

21. unregistered

yo bet my ex-girl friend has this so she'd still be living under my roof for free.

23. watch megamind online unregistered

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24. watch megamind online unregistered

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26. loonedalFal unregistered

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