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Secret shoppers find AT&T stores recommend iPhone to those interested in Lumia 900

0. phoneArena posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:29

While there is some confusion as to just how much money AT&T is sinking into its promotion of the Nokia Lumia 900, we do know for sure that AT&T said this launch with be their biggest ever, so if you walked into an AT&T store today and asked for a smartphone, one would assume the sales associate would recommend a Lumia 900...

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posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:52 1

15. blackychan64 (Posts: 1; Member since: 11 Apr 2012)

its the reps choice. we've had the lumias weeks before they came out and they just dont match up with other devices out there. great hardware. very WEAK app store.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:53 1

16. droiddomination (Posts: 203; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

you cannot pay someone to show ethusiasm about a device that is half baked and is questionably quality. iphone, as much as i hate them and the company, runs as smooth as butter and just works. plus i think design is beautiful. but this is easy to accomplish when you have been putting out the same recipe since 2007 with minimal changes.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:05 3

28. Penny (Posts: 1670; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

You're entitled to your opinion, but by saying that the iPhone "runs as smooth as butter and just works," are you implying that Windows Phone does not? If anything, this is the one thing that even non-WP7 fans would say WP7 is good at.

posted on 12 Apr 2012, 07:59 3

80. vvelez5 (Posts: 623; Member since: 29 Jan 2011)

You haven't played with Windows phone have you?

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:53 2

17. WakaFlakaD (Posts: 526; Member since: 30 Apr 2011)

Probably more comission out of a iPhone. For users that arent into phone/first-time smartphone buyers, iPhone has a status already, and they won't mind having one on hand

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:58 1

22. thenoodge (Posts: 32; Member since: 01 Sep 2011)

I doubt that i dont think anyone gets more commision off a IPhone

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:44 1

42. ZayZay (Posts: 571; Member since: 26 Feb 2011)

I get paid less to sell iphones.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:54

18. TROLL.IS.AHA (banned) (Posts: 58; Member since: 10 Apr 2012)

They don't like this phone?
It look's like it suck$?

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:58

21. DigitalJedi_X2 (banned) (Posts: 346; Member since: 30 Jan 2012)

I'm not too sure I believe this article. My brother and I personally went to almost every At&t store in Manhattan, and a few of the major ones in the outer boroughs. At every store we visited, they ALL recommended the Lumia 900 over anything else. With all the

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 13:59 1

24. hunted (Posts: 403; Member since: 21 Sep 2011)

Nokia, can you see why you haven't much sales now? :)

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:07 2

29. Doakie (Posts: 2227; Member since: 06 May 2009)

They are putting all of their eggs into AT&T and only one into T-Mobile with no investment in Sprint or Verizon at all. Seems to me Nokia is bound to fail because AT&T sucks hard and Windows phone is pretty lame, I owned a HD7 for six months. I couldn't find a reason to keep it.

posted on 12 Apr 2012, 16:21

96. waltah (Posts: 9; Member since: 12 Apr 2012)

Yes, that's why many stores are sold out and Amazon has them as #1 and #2 for phone sales with contract. It must be because they aren't selling.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:04

26. Bigbluetundra (Posts: 45; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

The ATT store I checked had sold 7 Lumias since it launched, which was good according to them at their volume. The signage is all up about the Lumia too. It could be that the ones the shoppers talked to were just trying for the easier sale in their minds.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:04

27. DigitalJedi_X2 (banned) (Posts: 346; Member since: 30 Jan 2012)

*Don't know what happened with that last post. The site seems to be on the fritz. Today. But as I was saying, with all of the money At&t as spent on marketing, promotion. and that huge launch in times square, and even going to the extent of buying out every employees current handset and replacing g it with Lumia 900s, I really don't think employees are pushing other handsets over the Lumia. Unless another handset is being specifically asked for anyway. And judging g from the two iFanboy sites that reported this, I really call shenanigans on this one. And it would be another iFanboy site like iPhonearena to help promote this nonsense too.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:07 2

31. Roomaku (Posts: 278; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

It's a matter of preference. I know so many people that just want an iPhone and I have even overheard Kids crying because there parents wouldn't get them the iPhone, when they are looking a perfectly good Android phone. For a lot of people it is about symbol, and knowing the brand. I mean I know everyone knows Nokia, but in the US most average younger consumers they know them as that company that makes those old phones, the ones they had 6 years ago, and that's a bad reputation. If I asked most people that live in my area if they wanted a Nokia Windows Phone they would looked confused and say "Windows Phone, I thought that was a computer thing" Dumb answer but it's likely the answer I would get. I for one want a the Lumia 610, I don't need a big screen and am tired of iPhone. However I see why people would like iPhones, it's easy to pick up on and it's made by one brand, there's no variation in product you get a decent device with a lot of app support, a good camera (iPhone 4, 4s) and it's popular, going to a college class you are likely to find most kids have one, even most teachers have them. So that is why I understand At&t employees are reluctant to push something that's just not as familiar.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:16 1

33. Penny (Posts: 1670; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

Your last sentence hit the point exactly: it's about familiarity. Any sales rep in any industry will more successfully push what he/she is familiar with. An AT&T rep might push the iPhone because they have been dealing with the iPhone for a long time and know what to expect with the device, so they are comfortable with it.

It's like school: you hate the subject you are worst at, and love the class that you are acing.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:24 1

38. Roomaku (Posts: 278; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

Yeah It's got to be hard to sell something you know people don't know and it's a mess. Selling an iPhone has got to be breeze imagine Parents come in with teenage daughter (stereotypical I know). "There it is....That's what Kelly has! Parents know what it is, Dad probably has one or mom, and it's an instant sale. A couple of brightly colored bumpers later and there out of the store. It's a lot easier, i'd imagine then explaining a windows phone 7 and why that family should get it over the iPhone.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:11 3

32. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

As a customer who shops for cars, phones, etc., I always go into a store knowing more than the sales associate, then I just play dumb and ask questions to see which one is actually knowledgeable - I actually found a couple in my town.
If someone is selling a product, the should ask pertinent questions. You sell to the need of the customer. If you sell to the needs of the sales associate or company, then you are doomed to fail.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:22 5

36. cityeighteen (Posts: 40; Member since: 28 Mar 2012)

I remember talking with a Sprint Store employee before, and we agreed that we were sick and tired of people only considering the iPhone just because it's the iPhone, while not considering the other (sometimes superior, in my opinion) Android and Windows Phone options.

Didn't AT&T say they didn't want to just be known as the iPhone carrier? They need to sell this thing as if it were the next iPhone.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:22 2

37. shadowcell (Posts: 300; Member since: 28 Mar 2012)

I'm really baffled by these responses from sales reps and even an assistant manager. Seems like they are trying to reel in commissions rather than help the clueless customer, poorly I might add. Makes me wish I went back into working sales to make a difference at least.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:24 7

39. lamaboy (Posts: 6; Member since: 22 Mar 2012)

As much as I am anti-Apple, for a first time smartphone user, I would recommend iOS. Is simple as simple can be. I swear it's designed for children and non-tech-savvy people. Then, when you want a real smartphone, you get an android.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:44 1

41. Luuthian (Posts: 285; Member since: 09 Sep 2011)

This has NOTHING to do with training. It has everything to do with preferences. iPhones and Androids sell. People know those brands and the iPhone is a well regarded device for many reasons. A rep would be harder pressed to sell a WP to the average customer, and really why should he fight that? The onus is on MS to bring their app store up to parity with the other brands, and their hardware in line with modern expectations.

You can train a person on how a phone works, but if the phone doesn't blow them away then you've already lost the battle.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 19:26

60. So-Sayz-Eye (Posts: 31; Member since: 08 Nov 2011)

I have to disagree with you a little bit, its not that hard to sell the average person on anything, you just have to make the effort and make sure they are informed. Usually my coworkers come to me when its time to get new phones, I ask them what they want to spend, what they looking for and how they plan to use it. Based on that I make a recommendation. I dont like Apple, but I wont shy away from recommending it if that what I feel that person needs. I feel many of these sales rep just pressure you into getting a phone that they own or know how to operate because that where there knowledge lies. Information is key in sales, lets be honest how many of us would buy a product the sales person knows little to nothing about. We'll either find another rep who does or bypass that product all together.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 14:59 5

44. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

Not a surprise.. most reps suck anyways. What's funny was the managers recommendation to start with iPhone then upgrade to Android.. when they were bored

posted on 12 Apr 2012, 08:01

81. vvelez5 (Posts: 623; Member since: 29 Jan 2011)

Overheard that when I was at the AT&T store I gave the weirdest WTF look when I heard a sales rep say that.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 15:01

45. Veigald (Posts: 290; Member since: 13 Jan 2012)

Not at all surprising, but sad nonetheless. Sales reps should sell what is best for the customer. That might be the iPhone, a droid or a WP phone, but they shouldn't let their own bias play into that.
The reason for this is that a satisfied customer is more likely to return for further purchases, which increases the revenue per customer and reduces the cost of customer acquisition.
On the other hand, maybe it's too much to expect of young people with tech interest to be able to put their personal bias aside for the benefit of their employer?

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 15:37 1

48. ironmarc89 (Posts: 54; Member since: 22 Jan 2012)

It takes the fun away from having a windows phone when you look for apps and they arent available but are available on iOS and Android. I'd recommend both because the UI on both is buttery smooth and they are VERY easy to use. (My gf has the Radar with T-Mobile) I'd recommend the iPhone because of the overwhelming support for it in many everyday items

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 16:23

52. Roomaku (Posts: 278; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

Hopefully they can fix that. Still looking for a Pandora app.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 16:00

50. Penny (Posts: 1670; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

I definitely understand the attraction of recommending the iOS to first time smartphone users. It is easily recognizable, the rep is comfortable with it, it is easy enough for a first time user, and it has plenty of that thing the customer is always hearing about: "apps."

That being said, I just wanted to point out some things that I think can be used to make the case that WP7 is an even better option for first time smartphone owners than iOS. Initial basic setup entails: logging into Facebook, logging into your e-mail accounts (gmail, hotmail, other domains), and that's it. You never have to re-enter your passwords or log in again when you are downloading apps in the marketplace, as that is tied to your hotmail (Windows Live) ID. And so many functions are built right into the OS that the customer really does not even need to download any apps to make good use of the phone. Some of the functionality that's built in:

Great Search Integration: Music Search (like Shazaam), Visual Search (QR Codes, book/dvd covers, text scanning and translation), Local Scout

Good Voice Support: TellMe commands, search, voice to text, text to speech (reads out my text messages to me over Bluetooth when I'm in my car, pretty cool)

Great Social Media Integration: Pulls in contacts (optionally) from Facebook, LinkedIn, and any e-mail accounts I set up. Updates statuses and information for each contact from these social networks in the contact book. Also allows you to click on a contact and communicate via FB, LinkedIn, or wherever else you normally communicate with them. Allows you to chat with your friends on Facebook from within the default text messaging app. Allows you to post your pictures to any/all of your connected social networks from within the camera roll.

Live Tiles: Just glance to see if there is any new information, don't need to go into everything to see what's going on (true for apps, e-mail accounts, messaging app, Facebook activity, calendar, flight information, etc.)

Anyway, my point isn't that the other guys don't offer this functionality, just that the way it is implemented in WP7 makes WP7 the easiest to use when it comes to performing these activities, and I therefore would argue that WP7 is better for first time smartphone users than even iOS.

posted on 11 Apr 2012, 16:58

53. Republican (Posts: 99; Member since: 05 Apr 2012)

Mass firings are in order and long overdue. These low lives can all be replaced by minimum wage homeless people anyways.

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