Sanyo unveiled its most durable phone

Sanyo unveiled its most durable phone
Sanyo SCP-7050 is the first phone of the manufacturer that adheres to Military Standard 810F which means it is protected against dust, shock and vibration and is designed for heavy outdoor usage. The textured anti-slipper grip of the back and sides offers sure hold and added protection. Although it is mid-rage, the 7050 features Bluetooth, GPS and QVGA main display.

Sprint PCS will offer the Sanyo SCP-7050 in early April for $150 with 2-year contract.



1. Another Day In Paradise unregistered

Why Sanyo? Why can't this phone have all of the features of the M1 and still be rugged??? It's about time Snayo came out with a rugged phone, but it doesn't even have a camera. Where is the phone for us folks that want a high tech phone that won't break if we drop it??? You were on the right track with the just needed a bigger screen...ah well...I'll enjoy my M1 for now...

2. Scott unregistered

Phone is great. None of the extra crap that everyone thinks they need. Just a rugged phone with GPS.

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