Sanyo Katana Eclipse confirmed by FCC

Sanyo Katana Eclipse confirmed by FCC
The FCC approved the Sanyo Katana Eclipse, confirming it is a real existing model. The first information on it was revealed by a Sprint roadmap two weeks ago, but it is just now we are absolutely sure it is not fake.

The details are still scarce, but from the graphics we can see it will be a glossy phone (similar to the Katana LX in design language), with three music keys on the front. From the previous image, we saw it will be able to use the navigation on the external screen, which isn’t really big but is color. The roadmap listed the Katana Eclipse to be launched before August 17th.

source: FCC



1. DamonO unregistered

It's nice to see Sanyo making some decent phones.

2. bodyb unregistered

looks pretty nice... hopefully its better than my sanyo m1 so i can replace it

3. Dan R. Hesse unregistered

The Sanyo Katana Eclipse is replacing the Sanyo Katana DLX model just as the Sanyo Katana LX replaced the Sanyo Katana II.

4. unregistered

Wish it was DOrA, not just for ptt but for speed

5. unregistered

DOrA has nothing to do with ptt

6. unregistered

yes it does. you need it to have ppt on sprint cdma handsets.

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