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Samsung's new region lock might extend to the Note II and S III with the Android 4.4 KitKat update

0. phoneArena posted on 03 Oct 2013, 04:25

This info was given to a Note 3 user, when they rang up Samsung to complain about the European model not accepting SIM cards from other regions, even though the company bent backwards to explain the region lock will be gone after activating the phone with a local card first...

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posted on 03 Oct 2013, 04:45 3

1. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Oh no, this is not good. If I want to use my local SIM instead of regional then I can't after this update.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 05:22 7

5. james004 (Posts: 486; Member since: 15 May 2013)

cant imagine how many people will be locked out of their phones after updating. talk about be real d*ck.
samsung you definitely win that award.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 09:59

16. zhiae (unregistered)

nothing gets locked.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 11:30

18. Long1 (banned) (Posts: 399; Member since: 18 May 2013)

Samsung UK has now released a statement basically confirming that this article is iBS:

"In order to provide customers with the optimal mobile experience in each region including customer care services, Samsung has incorporated the ‘regional SIM lock’ feature into Galaxy Note 3 devices. The product is only compatible with a SIM-card issued from a mobile operator within the region identified on the sticker of the product package. When the device is activated with a SIM card issued from the other region, the device may be automatically locked until it is released at the dedicated service centre.

Once a device is activated normally, the regional SIM lock is automatically released. Users can enjoy the roaming service as usual and can use other region’s SIM card when travelling. The regional SIM lock has been applied to the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S4 devices through a software update in selective markets. The regional SIM lock does NOT affect the device’s features and performance. Users can continue to enjoy all the advanced features of our products."

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 04:53 17

2. kanagadeepan (Posts: 981; Member since: 24 Jan 2012)

F you SAMSUNG....

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 08:12 3

12. LiquidGalaxy (Posts: 332; Member since: 03 Jul 2013)

Been saying this for a while - nice to see people are catching up ;-)

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 08:24

13. newbey123 (Posts: 636; Member since: 19 Mar 2012)

I have always known Crapsung sucked.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 05:02

3. Navaid (Posts: 46; Member since: 05 Sep 2013)

It's good, for the govt. and more organized records..

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 05:10 1

4. harislg (Posts: 1; Member since: 11 Jul 2012)

I bought a galaxy note 2 two weeks ago and I saw the same message

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 06:13 4

6. amansingal14 (Posts: 309; Member since: 08 Sep 2012)

NSA - We want to track all phones by their region, and the carriers are not allowing us.
Samsung - Solution Found.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 06:31

7. kri5t1 (unregistered)

what about europe?

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 06:44 2

8. Sondae (Posts: 291; Member since: 02 Jan 2013)

If this crazy idea of samsung will continue on region lock there will be a lot of people will change of phone brand specially people who travel a lot or people who work in different country. Bad choice samsung.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 06:48 2

9. Vireak (unregistered)

I'll never buy another Same Dung again...I mean Samsung

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 06:56 9

10. jibraihimi (Posts: 770; Member since: 29 Nov 2011)

Thank you Samsung, for bringing us back into the business.
Best regards!
HTC, Sony mobile, and LG mobile.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 08:08 2

11. tasior (Posts: 265; Member since: 04 Nov 2012)

The best way to shrink grey market is to be fair to customers.
That means selling same devices for about the same price all over the world.
In this case the grey market is just a defensive mechanism for price manipulation of marketers.

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 08:34 1

14. cR203 (Posts: 204; Member since: 27 Jan 2013)

This region lock is so stupid. I buy all my phones unlocked. I currently have the note 2 n7100. Does this mean I'll be locked out of own my phone with the android 4.4 update?

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 09:41

15. shuaibhere (Posts: 1986; Member since: 07 Jul 2012)

@PA this region unlock is done to prevent grey imports....

you've to insert a local sim for first time and go through the intial setup...after that you're free to take your device around the world


i hope you will update...

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 04:01

22. zennacko (Posts: 237; Member since: 16 Jun 2013)

If you're correct (and both I and Samsung's sales hope you are) then that means that if I wanted to buy a Sammy phone as a gift to some friend, relative or whatever overseas, first I'll have to open, charge and set it up on my country first? What a pain in the nether regions :(

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 10:41 1

17. Exile SS (Posts: 40; Member since: 07 Oct 2010)

This is of course under the idea that the Note II will get the KitKat update. Speaking from the US perspective and having one since the day it came out on Tmobile you need to look at the facts.
1. Been running 4.1.2 from the start
2. No software updates have been issued (aside from Tmobile LTE connectivity)
3. Months of frazzled rumors about 4.2.2
4. No updates about updates
5. Wait! 4.2.2 will be skipped to 4.3! I June Hopefully!
6. Oops there goes the rumor list for updates
7. Ok guys we fixeed the list it's back up, but still unnoficial.
8. SAMSUNG SAID WE ARE GETTING 4.3!!!! In October!!!!
9. Wait, no, that's for the Korean model, NOVEMBER!!!!
10. Wait, no that's for international models December???
11. Yes December it is scheduled for! Now just to wait and see how the carriers feel about it...
Updates are never as good as they're hyped up to be, but never as bad as the worst case scenario. SIt back, relax, try it and if it doesn't work Samsung may change it. Who knows?

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 14:16 1

19. starandmountain (Posts: 53; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

This really sucks. I won't buy a samsung phone again if this will stay forever. Thereby i won't upgrade to 4.4! Samsung if you want to stay the king don't do stupid things like this! i paid 700 euro for this phone and you are treating your customers like this? disappointed....

posted on 03 Oct 2013, 14:18

20. starandmountain (Posts: 53; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

Phonearena, can you please tell us if they are implementing this in the 4.3 as well? because i won't download it if that's the case.

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 00:59

21. xtremesv (Posts: 298; Member since: 21 Oct 2011)

Rep must be wrong and if not I will sue Samsung because when I bought my SGS4 it didn't say in the future it would be locked to a specific region so they don't have the right to cripple my phone. Ultimately I believe this stupid move by Samsung is going to apply only to new sales of their devices. Backward thinking nonetheless.

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