Samsung’s Blackjack II, will be released for AT&T

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Samsung’s Blackjack II, will be released for AT&T
BlackJack II, the successor of Samsung BlackJack, will be released for AT&T in before the end of 2007. The heir has the same outlook as its predecessor – a monoblock type phone with full QWERTY and landscape QVGA non-touch display. The BlackJack II upgrades the camera to 2-megapixel resolution (instead of 1.3) and runs on Windows Mobile 6 OS (instead of 5).

source: Mobiledia



1. Shawn unregistered

Looks like Verizon has given up on the business user.

2. Alisa unregistered

Verizon has some business pdas

3. David unregistered

Verizon is a joke when it comes to pda phones -- their stuff is three generations behind. Not even an exaggeration.

4. Nicole69 unregistered

i kind of knew they would just roll out with a new phone rather than give us Consumers the windows mobile 6 update for the i607 bastards !!

5. FerneyZAN unregistered

I was not a great fan of the original BlackJack mostly because of it's reception. But with this new one coming out I might look in it's direction this time. The upgrades on the BJ2's camera to 2megs is good and I sure hope the reception on this baby is better too, not to mention that the overall look seems to be improved.

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