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Samsung wants to ban imports of Apple products to the US

0. phoneArena posted on 30 Jun 2011, 03:01

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung is heating up, and after Apple accused the Koreans of “slavishly” copying iDevices, Samsung has replied vigorously by first asking to see the next-gen iPhone and iPad, while now it's asking the US International Trade Commission…

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posted on 30 Jun 2011, 03:05 7

1. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

Lol. It's like a wrestling match at this point. Seriously.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 07:36 3

14. cheetah2k (Posts: 1746; Member since: 16 Jan 2011)

.... and can you blame them??.

Apple are really taking the piss now. I mean seriously, do they really think they can beat down "Korea"?

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 09:11

18. lala (unregistered)

Why is this not a featured strory?

It siunds pretty serious.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 09:12

20. lala (unregistered)


posted on 30 Jun 2011, 11:26 5

31. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

because this is just another round in the match that has been apple vs samsung suing eachother for something new nearly every week for probably over a year now. Apple just tried the same maneuver on samsung and lost.

i really feel like there should be a ringside announcer and a popcorn n beer vendor somewhere. :)

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 09:37 2

23. SuperAndroidEvo (Posts: 4888; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

Hey Apple opened this can of worms. Apple is not the only one who can play this game. Samsung is not going to be bullied by Apple. Without Samsung, Apple would not be where they are today. Apple needs a shot of humility. Something to knock them out of their high horse. Well Apple if you didn't see this coming then you really had no foresight! It is what it is! Straight & simple. Samsung HAS a right to retaliate. If this goes down then Apple will be dealt a blow on monumental proportions! Let’s see how this plays out. I think they should just meet at the squared circle! Lol


posted on 30 Jun 2011, 09:41

24. lalala (unregistered)

Probrably more around round 4 lol, theyv'e been back and forth for a while now.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 09:56

25. fight night (unregistered)

i think he means like an actual fight. he did say the squared circle.

posted on 01 Jul 2011, 04:00

49. iBlowjobs (unregistered)

Yeah, Apple is Hulk Hogan and Samsung is Pewee Herman.

posted on 01 Jul 2011, 07:08

50. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

since u didnt put a time period on how old each of these 2 are when fighting, id say "current condition" in which you just pitted a 60 something year old fake wrestler with arthritis and a really bad hip against an ugly skinny dude. Hulk is a nice guy, but he is well past his glory days.

Id take peewee herman over hulk in this match.. mikalika high, likahineee hoooo mofugga!! lol.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 03:16 5

2. android_hitman (unregistered)

i would be happy if Samsung succeeds, but just only to show Apple that he is not so powerfull as he thinks.

i am reffering to Stevie of course :)

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 03:23 5

3. mrkrabs (Posts: 10; Member since: 20 Jun 2011)

Lets go Samsung :D !
Apple you picked the wrong person to mess with.!

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 09:19 3

21. hepresearch (unregistered)

Usually I don't side with Apple on much, but banning Apple products in the US? I'm sorry, but as an American, I like having choices, and I like it when my neighbors have choices as well. Personally, I would not choose an Apple device at this time, but still I do not like the idea of having a choice taken away.

If it was the other way around, I would still be opposed...

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 10:48 1

29. missed_the_mark (unregistered)

Apple could get around the ban by paying for the infringements outright, leasing the right to use the patents, or simply apologize to Samsung for being such arses.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 14:52 1

35. taz89 (Posts: 2014; Member since: 03 May 2011)

apple did try to stop the sales of the galaxy products but they failed as will samsung..i completely agree with you, the more choices the better..this lawsuit is just becoming ridiculous..if apple believe they so superior then they should not have anything to worry about..let the consumers buy what they want.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 16:33

39. xtomatoe (unregistered)

I dont think they're trying to ban their products in the US...from what I've read it seems like they're wanting to Ban apple from importing the phones

So they'll probably have to make'em here and not outside the US ..I'm assuming thats what they're trying to do

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 16:49

40. lollipop (Posts: 43; Member since: 15 Feb 2011)

So you wish a foriegn company that pays little in US taxes to beat out a US company that pays US taxes?

Literally rooting for a foriegn company to take out a company from your country is like rooting for someone to kill your brother.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 23:09 1

47. guest (unregistered)

rooting for a foreign company and paying taxes? think about apple importing most of their parts from other countries to avoid paying more tax and giving jobs to other countries instead of making it in the US.

posted on 01 Jul 2011, 07:11

51. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

and thats why i could never buy anything from APPLE. They dont MAKE anything. They source it out to Foxconn in china who pays their people so LITTLE that they had to install SAFTEY NETS around each building because people COMMITING SUICIDE was too COMMON. You think any of those slave labor goods get american taxes on them? lol.

besides, all companys that sell goods in america pay taxes if they were made in america or not. There are import taxes and tarrifs before they even make it into the country. Apple probably hides most of its profits off shore anyways to avoid taxes.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 03:50 3

4. Kane (unregistered)


posted on 30 Jun 2011, 04:11 1

5. CX3NT3_713 (Posts: 2286; Member since: 18 Apr 2011)

Damn democrats!!!!

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 04:21 2

6. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

I hate when a company tries to ban another company regardless :/

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 04:51 1

7. Leyjee (Posts: 47; Member since: 25 Feb 2011)

Wow thats a bit over the top. That would really give Samsung dominance in the smartphone market of usa.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 23:30

48. mario (unregistered)

It wouldn't.. there's still HTC MOTO LG .

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 05:14 2

8. ken (unregistered)

good to see apple getting a taste of its own medicine. Seeing that apple is an intensely control child it'll prob choke or get sic on that medicine

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 06:06 4

9. som (Posts: 768; Member since: 10 Nov 2009)

Giant technologies in the battle field, Samsung tried to ban Apple products from the USA is not going to happen because every products sell in the USA are imports. USA is the world largest imports country.

What happen if Apple trying to ban Samsung products from the USA?

Apple and Samsung must drop all the lawsuits, shake hands, doing business as normal and every body will happy.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 06:41

11. Satya (unregistered)

ntn but samsung showing frustration...

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 06:44 4

12. maxkobi (Posts: 30; Member since: 17 Jun 2011)

honestly if a ban happened this would slow down innovation as there would be no bench to hit... its true i dont like apple but they put a good challenge on the table when it comes to companys being forced to create professional and sturdy devices

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 07:27 1

13. FuckApple (unregistered)

Go Samsung, f**k that dirty fruit upside down!

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 07:50

15. messiah (Posts: 438; Member since: 19 Feb 2010)

All manufacturers will undoubtedly provide legal funds in support for Sammy as they would all hugely benefit. Bill Gates is probably laughing his pants off.

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