Samsung uploads the Fascinate source code, ROM modders rejoice

Samsung uploads the Fascinate source code, ROM modders rejoice
Want to out a product, but don't have enough time to nurture and baby all bugs and quirks in its firmware. It's easy, just release the source code!

That is exactly what Samsung has done with the Fascinate's code, a handset that has its share of bugs to be squashed, as most smartphones before the first firmware update do. By uploading the source code the company most likely hopes to achieve what HTC has done for its handsets. A vibrant community of hackers and ROM modders has often managed to step up, and do unthinkable thinks to stock HTC handsets, by tweaking uploaded stock firmware.

Exciting new ROMs and possibilities are ahead for the Samsung Fascinate owners. If you want to download the code, head over to the Samsung link in the source below, and type "SCH-i500" in the search box.

Samsung Fascinate Specifications | Review

source: Samsung via AndroidGuys



1. tomorrowisnow unregistered

While VZW wants you to be the master of your own signal, it sure doesn't want you to be the master of your own operating system. Good luck.

2. jskrenes

Posts: 209; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Just like any carrier, hacking/modding the phone *might* brick it and/or void the warranty. But as long as you're reasonably adept and Samsung didn't put some stupid e-fuse chip in there, it's pretty safe and easy. Maybe this will get Bing out of the picture!

3. SniderELISABETH unregistered

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