Samsung took over Motorola’s first place in the US

Samsung took over Motorola’s first place in the US
Bad news for the good old Motorola. In the last few years the company has been falling behind on the global market, but at least it was keeping its leading position in the US. However, Samsung, with its attractive models and aggressive marketing campaign, is winning more and more customers. According to a survey made by Strategy Analytics, currently the Koreans hold 22.4% of the phone market in the US, which is the biggest one in the world. Motorola recorded a huge drop, from 32.7% in 2004 to 21.1% market share at the moment.

Keeping in mind that the other South Korean manufacturer, LG, is also moving at a fast pace and already has 20.5% share, we expect to see the mobile phone innovator soon drop to the third place.

source: Reuters via Engadgetmobile



1. unregistered

yay samsung

2. unregistered

come on MOTOROLA u can make a comeback

3. unregistered

Yeah...No...They Can't

4. unregistered

Motorola is at death's door. The best thing to ever happen to them was the RAZR .. ironically it was also the worst.

5. unregistered

Motorola was a pioneer in the innovative category, so they should try to do something new not try to rehash the old

6. idk unregistered

Motorola is doomed, samsung has everything ahead of them.

7. unregistered

LG Is The Best With Phone Like The Glimmer,The Dare,The Voyager And The Vu Which Or Known As The Big Four In The Touch Screen World. LG Can Be Touch

8. unregistered

You smokin meth? HTC Kills LG in the touch screen world...

9. unregistered

With What Phones Check Out CNET.COM On HTC Phones

14. unregistered

lg shine piece lg rumor piece lg trax piece lg ce110 piece all lg phones suck y do u think they sell them buy one get one free

10. Batman707 unregistered

LG Rulez

11. unregistered

hell yeah

12. Kitseywho unregistered

What a big accomplishment!

13. Kitseywho unregistered

BTW, That was sarcasm.

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