Rebuttal: No, Samsung should absolutely not ditch the S Pen

While some think that the S Pen is a redundant, niche feature, the Samsung stylus is a unique, product-defining piece of tech. Many would be sad to see it go, and I doubt Samsung would ever even entertain the idea.
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54. Sloiz

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Note is better with every new iteration. And as a proud user of note, the S-pen is ireplacable. So what if it's not for 95% of people. For me it works and also for other note fans. And we don't mind some hurdles. And also identity. I newer thought about that, but it's true. I was asked many times in previous years what phone do I have. The only thing I miss with note is that there is no competitive products. That would force Samsung to inovate faster with S-pen experience.

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