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Samsung puts out two more anti-iPhone ads

0. phoneArena posted on 26 Sep 2012, 15:44

Samsung isn't slowing down in their marketing battle with Apple, putting out two new 30 second ads poking fun at the iPhone 5 and its fans...

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posted on 27 Sep 2012, 02:42 1

60. whysoserious (Posts: 318; Member since: 20 Jul 2012)

But... but... t's better than showing FAKE camera and video ads, right?=))

posted on 27 Sep 2012, 02:57 1

62. pikapowerize (banned) (Posts: 1869; Member since: 03 May 2012)

ehh... but at least it was proven to be a worthy phone and camera!!!

unlike iPhone (im even a fan) very expensive but too many negative feedback!

posted on 27 Sep 2012, 03:02

64. Kostas_13 (Posts: 43; Member since: 07 Sep 2012)

...which pictures and videos the Lumia 920 was found capable to produce though after the fuss.
Don't forget that...
The Samsung ads refer to ppl under 12, at least.
Nothing intelligent in them. It is like one child is mocking the other...

posted on 27 Sep 2012, 02:56 2

61. iphoneisthebest79 (Posts: 70; Member since: 23 May 2012)

who really need 2g of ram or quad cores for a phone?? are you tying to play battle field 3 on your phone?? come on guys, most of us using it for internet and use apps that need internet, thats mean we need a better mobile network.
and don't compare Samsung with apple cause they don't have their own OS, imagine Samsung galaxy s3 without android how would it be?? just a peace off plastic s**t.
for me, now it's the time to focus in improving the OS more than the telephone its self.
no need to mention again if samsung is as good as you say let them innovate their own OS.

posted on 27 Sep 2012, 03:00

63. pikapowerize (banned) (Posts: 1869; Member since: 03 May 2012)

agree with you! but this world is revolving! they want to make a device that is a computer, a tablet and a smartphone!

posted on 27 Sep 2012, 04:17

66. EclipseGSX (Posts: 1743; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Samsung needs to make their own OS when Apple can make their own hardware...which is never. I doubt you have even tried any other OS for more than 10 minutes, your name says it all.

posted on 27 Sep 2012, 04:56 1

67. Shino (banned) (Posts: 196; Member since: 23 Jul 2012)

Oh, dear! The yellowish guys are so pathetic! I mean really!

posted on 27 Sep 2012, 05:37 1

68. app_droid_soft (Posts: 42; Member since: 09 Sep 2012)

That's all cheap companies like Samsung can do...LONG LIVE APPLE

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