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Samsung preparing to move 10 million Galaxy S IV units each month after release

0. phoneArena posted on 24 Jan 2013, 05:17

Later this year, Samsung will announce and release the Galaxy S IV, and this will, almost without a doubt, be the most successful Android smartphone of the year. However, until that happens, we're stuck in the present, going through whatever bits of unofficial info we can find...

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posted on 24 Jan 2013, 05:26 24

1. MeoCao (unregistered)

SS will not have it easy this year. Sony, LG, HTC and many other companies have learned a lot about SS's model and they are making huge progress.

No doublt SS will be the leader in Android world this year but 10 million GS4 in a month is a bit unrealistic.

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 11:28 4

19. Martine (Posts: 102; Member since: 20 Oct 2011)

All other manufacturers have probably learned a lot but only time will help us confirm if they have really learned a lot from SS' model.



i) learns how to release one or two flagship device in a year (Not One X, X+, XL, etc)

ii) improves their marketing. Yeah! HTC One X is about $60-100 cheaper than GS3 while HTC One S is also about $20 -40 cheaper than the Old GS2, but still nobody buys them.

iii) learns how to support their device i.e create at least 2 - 3 customer service/support centers in a country where your phones are being sold. In my country this is non- existent. If you buy an HTC device and you have problem, you are on your own. The last a friend of mine bricked his Desire HD while updating the phone (USB cable disconnected), he had to send the device to London, UK from Africa. That was his last HTC device.

they will sell a lot better this year. If not, this year may be worse!


Xperia Z and ZL are indeed fantastic phones, they may sell really well but I fear they might be overshadowed by upcoming flagship devices by SS, HTC, LG, Google (Motorola phones and Nexuses) and Apple. This is the same problem the Xperia Arc, S etc had. Poor timing!


LG just like Moto still doesn't sell too well outside their homeland but if the release of Optimus G and Nexus 4 improves their brand image as i hope, they may surprise, in the Smartphone race.


If Samsung can move 18M Galaxy S3, in Q3 2012, I strongly believe the company should be able to reach their goal of moving at least 10M GSIVs each month. I believe they can achieve this feat same way Apple should be able to move at least 15M iPhone 5 each month no matter what.

posted on 25 Jan 2013, 12:02

25. apexKBC (Posts: 92; Member since: 10 Dec 2012)

Before Nokia --------> Over Confidence
now u know who is...............................

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 05:26 8

2. big.e927 (Posts: 94; Member since: 21 Nov 2012)

It's Samsung, they'll make it happen and this is the first high-end of the year phone that will get my prepaid ass on a contract. My S2 is for boost mobile and does well, but I can tell, without a doubt, that the S3 eclipses this phone. I can only imagine how much better a S4 will be.

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 05:27 8

3. zuckerboy (banned) (Posts: 898; Member since: 22 Dec 2011)

that design is ugly -__-

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 08:19 4

13. Ohrules (Posts: 327; Member since: 11 Jun 2012)

"Note that the above photo is likely just a mock-up."
that help you out?

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 10:11 1

18. zuckerboy (banned) (Posts: 898; Member since: 22 Dec 2011)

you r genius !! lol i know that is mock up and that design is ugly

posted on 25 Jan 2013, 03:33

23. Jonathan41 (Posts: 532; Member since: 22 Mar 2012)

It's not ugly. It's just way too safe. Just like the HTC M7 is. I know it's important to have a recognizable design but, these designers are scared to change anything now a days.

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 05:31 11

4. deadstroke (Posts: 113; Member since: 22 Jan 2013)

come home to papa my boy sammy ^-^

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 05:46 7

5. Diego! (Posts: 679; Member since: 15 Jun 2009)

That´s quite a statement! 10.000.000 a month worldwide... I guess!
Anyway, I hope they achive their goal. They deserve it!
And I think what will really surprise us is the "diamond-like" pixel they are developing for the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which will surpass for sure the 440pixels on a screen of 5". Go Sammy! :D

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 05:53 1

6. drnggaj33 (Posts: 127; Member since: 29 Feb 2012)

im gonna try and get the sam s4 or the moto Xphone but ill see

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 06:01 6

7. GALAXY-STORM (Posts: 328; Member since: 13 Oct 2012)

With their abilities to mass produce this device, I don't see them failing short of their goal. I will try to be 1 among those 10 million.

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 06:18 6

8. reyenrique (Posts: 99; Member since: 07 Oct 2012)

Go express happiness to the world samsung

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 06:24 2

9. Topcat488 (Posts: 1396; Member since: 29 Sep 2012)

I DON'T SEE a Stylus dancing around this mock-up, and when i clicked on the "highlighted" "Galaxy SIV", and checked the specs... It dosen't mention one either.

Can't wait too get my new Note III, but will settle for a OG-Note update until then. :)

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 06:37 3

10. ray77 (Posts: 126; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

go an sell ur phone sammy my boy

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 07:04 3

11. SamsungFan (Posts: 201; Member since: 16 Apr 2012)

Samsung always rockzz

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 08:17 1

12. quawy2013 (Posts: 14; Member since: 14 Jan 2013)

Go Sammy

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 08:34

14. Andrewtst (Posts: 679; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

Every others company is up this year! Include Sony and LG. Unless Samsung did drastic change in phone material and design, or else sorry not my next phone anymore the S IV.

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 08:35 3

15. eyedoc81 (Posts: 52; Member since: 20 May 2011)

One of those 10 million the first month will be mine!

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 09:13

16. Gaytor (Posts: 51; Member since: 09 Sep 2012)

I am sticking to Note , waiting for 3 unless one of those bendable screen ones come across .... saw a presentation by Sammy bigwigs . Awesome specially the tablet concept that shows the screen being completely retractable inside a small compact metal box , you push a button and the screen emerges from the box ! I tell you , ones those elastic screen Oleds come , Apple phones will be resoundingly outsold !

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 09:24

17. androidornothing (Posts: 143; Member since: 26 Apr 2012)

Im so torn between this and the Note 3! Damn it Sammy u make it so hard for us!!! On one hand I loce my GS3 and i want the 4 but the other part of me wants a sexy huge screen!!

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 12:42

20. donfem (Posts: 693; Member since: 30 Mar 2011)

Imagine the world population! If a fraction of that have cell phones, the projected numbers should not be difficult to attain particularly when Samsung does a good job on its phones. I and millions of others are 'patiently waiting'

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 14:11

21. scsa852k (Posts: 331; Member since: 16 Oct 2012)

S IV, Note 3, Xperia Z and ZL, M7, Optimus G Plus, Motorola X, BB10......

Someone just stab me already. I CANNOT CHOOSE!!

posted on 24 Jan 2013, 15:10

22. ripp747 (Posts: 20; Member since: 03 Mar 2012)

Consider yourself stabbed already.

posted on 25 Jan 2013, 10:25

24. 9thWonderful (Posts: 232; Member since: 24 Jan 2013)

Gotta be honest...as an Apple fan, it would be interesting to see what this phone has to offer.

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