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Samsung looking to push "Premium Suite" update to Samsung GALAXY Note instead of Android 4.0?

0. phoneArena posted on 05 Mar 2012, 18:10

Earlier this year, Samsung said it was backing off a plan to update the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab with a "Value Pack" instead of Android 4.0; the end of the Angry Birds Space trailer 2 for the Samsung GALAXY Note mentions a "Premium Suite" update coming to the "phablet" on March 22ns...

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posted on 05 Mar 2012, 18:18 2

1. gallitoking (Posts: 4721; Member since: 17 May 2011)

unless Samsung turned over a new leaf when it comes to upgrades. i dont expect the ICS to the Note anythime soon

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 18:20 7

2. m.garz (Posts: 61; Member since: 08 Oct 2010)

Beat me by a minute.. lol

might as well go with custom roms..

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 18:45 2

5. oddmanout (Posts: 443; Member since: 22 May 2009)

Unless you have the international note, your gonna be let down as far as custom roms go. Not many devs working with the US model. Any developer would be smart enough to go with the international note. This US model is a fluke. There two completely different devices. I love the note but i question its future. I just hope i didn't make a mistake on locking in a contract wit at&t.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 18:39 6

3. oddmanout (Posts: 443; Member since: 22 May 2009)

Alright I've made up my mind. Im exchanging the note for a HTC One XL. HTC has always been reliable with their flagships. Once I've already gotten used to ICS, its hard to go back to gingerbread (especially seeing that im no fan of touch wiz). Even over on xda there isnt hardly any development going on for the US note. I know it was just released but i just have a feeling that Im going to be let down with my expectations for this device. At least with the One XL, I'll be comfortable knowing that its HTC's main priority. I can't say the same about Samsung.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 20:49 3

19. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

Thats why you dont buy "alternate versions" of popular phones. Samsung flagships have exynos, not S3 Crapdragons like the US Note and US SGS2 hercules/skyrocket.
Reason #342 that I wont buy a crapdragon. :)

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 21:49 1

26. Crave (Posts: 12; Member since: 22 Oct 2011)

Newest snapdragon not good enough?

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 22:16 3

28. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

Not for me. S4 catches up to the exynos 4210, which is great. Exynos however is going well beyond that this year. The SGS3 should be out within a few months of the first S4 phones. The Exynos 4212 dual core is nearly 50% more powerful, the 5XXX quad core is nearly 100% more powerful. Is it worth waiting 2 more months for a 40-100% increase in power compared to an exynos/S4? I think so.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 22:54

29. ngo2dd (Posts: 896; Member since: 08 Jul 2011)

The S4 is better then the 4210 so deal with it. Not catch up but better.

posted on 06 Mar 2012, 10:46 1

42. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

when real world testing is done, not "reference design testing", the S4 is a hair better, yes. But that is "catching up". If it was truely an "A15" competitor, it would compete with this years A15's, not with last year's A9's. The exynos 5xxx A15 dual core is supposed to be 2x as powerful as the current exynos. That obliterates that S4.

posted on 06 Mar 2012, 00:31

32. nyamo (Posts: 274; Member since: 19 Mar 2011)

right there with ya remixfa. and if att keeps axing all the goodies from the phones, i'll just have to go the old ebay iphone route and buy the international versions

posted on 06 Mar 2012, 13:57 1

47. 0o0blackstar0o0 (Posts: 86; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

Check out Benchmark chats

#1-(Tablet)Asus Transformer Prime TF201 2,249
#2-(Tablet)Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P6800) 2,198
#3-(Tablet)Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (SGH-I957) 2,107
#4HTC Sensation 4G with Beats Audio 2,075
#5Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) 2,047

Based on Overall

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 18:39 4

4. HTCiscool (Posts: 449; Member since: 16 Jul 2011)

They will at least update 1 of the versions, it would be too bad for their reputation if they were to leave the Note on GB

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 18:52

6. oddmanout (Posts: 443; Member since: 22 May 2009)

I really hope they don't. I only bought my at&t Galaxy Note because it was supposed to get ice cream sandwich soon. For a few days now i feel like I've made the wrong decision with this device. The 5.3 inch amoled suckered me in but the lack of software integration is killing my attitude towards this phone.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 19:39 6

10. chazking99 (Posts: 12; Member since: 09 Feb 2012)

if you actually read this it says with premium suite not that it is not getting ics, if the writers for pa would actually read something and not between the lines, it would help everybody to understand it. Thanks Alan F. to just throw an article out there to piss people off with absolutley no info at all.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 22:04 1

27. sam_tek (Posts: 105; Member since: 18 Feb 2011)

exactly! where did it ever say anything about 4.0 not coming? and why would you assume already that premium suite's even an OS?

Beats me playa

posted on 06 Mar 2012, 10:40

40. 0o0blackstar0o0 (Posts: 86; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

This could mean 2 things that PA is correct we are getting Samsung's new OS called "Premium Suite" how els will they issue this new version of Angry birds just to the Samsung Galaxy note user? through a new OS of course..

to me it looks like Samsung is advertising that its either exclusive to Galaxy note to attracted attention to it or we get it exclusively before others do to advertise the Galaxy Note also..

Remembering its still a brand new devise and not yet released in allot of major country's e.g Australia ! we get it in march around the 22nd ( I just couldn't wait and ordered one from Hong Kong lol )

Or its the name of the new Angry birds .. hmm have no idea im so confused now .

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 19:42

11. saeen (Posts: 20; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

Man I can't beleive what I am reading! Why Samsung ignored their with customers with these kind of news? Why they in rush of creating clone devices & not supporting them. Value pack and now this? Ah this is disgusting.

posted on 06 Mar 2012, 10:29

39. 0o0blackstar0o0 (Posts: 86; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

Dude chill this "INFO" that PA is based this artical on is a video for a game advertising 2 things a new version of angry birds and the galaxy Note .. the note is still not released in allot of country's yet like Australia! Also Australia is getting it in march so could be advertising for the 2 in one ?

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 19:54 2

12. codymws (Posts: 237; Member since: 17 Jun 2010)

Well I sure won't be buying another Samsung device again. Took long enough to get Gingerbread on the Droid Charge. Now HTC has said that the Thunderbolt (basically same specs) will be getting ICS!!!

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 20:03 2

14. chazking99 (Posts: 12; Member since: 09 Feb 2012)

I bet Alan F. is an iboy and i do mean BOY

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 20:11 5

15. squallz506 (banned) (Posts: 1075; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

Galactic upgrade premium suite sounds like a special version of angrybirds in space to me.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 20:32 1

17. maherk (Posts: 4859; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

I am a proud galaxy note owner, and am not worried at all with what iphonearena just mentioned! I dont think samsung will update us about its firmware plans through a game! The writer of this silly article tried to be one of the CSI heroes and read between the lines, which he failed in. Rovio gave a hint few weeks ago that they might go with angry birds underneath the seas or maybe the galaxies, and u can tell what they were pointing at by galactic ;)

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 20:51

20. JGuinan007 (Posts: 692; Member since: 19 May 2011)


posted on 05 Mar 2012, 20:53

21. imkyle (Posts: 1087; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

If you don't give the Note ICS after you said it would, you will have some very pissed off people.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 21:21 2

23. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

they never said the american S3 draggin note would get it. When they announced it, the only Note in existence was the Exynos international Note.

Besides, this is a rumor, not a confirmation.

posted on 06 Mar 2012, 09:02 2

38. golgi42 (Posts: 1; Member since: 06 Mar 2012)

Actually they did say it is coming to AT&T, just not when:

posted on 06 Mar 2012, 10:50

43. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

touche, senior. :)

well, in that case, it came from Samsung, so you should expect the update. Again, this article is pure rumor mongering, not fact.. so who knows. But yea, if it comes from the horse's mouth, then it better happen.

posted on 07 Mar 2012, 14:16

51. JunitoNH (Posts: 1934; Member since: 15 Feb 2012)

Your correct, you'll get it when jellybean comes out.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 21:05

22. redmd (Posts: 1371; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

Waiting for CM9 for the Note. That is if samsung won't deliver.

posted on 05 Mar 2012, 21:43

24. NewForce (Posts: 3; Member since: 01 Feb 2012)

Nowaday I really hating all the speculation. "Sometimes it is hard to know what a manufacturer has in mind" If don't know, then one should shut-up instead creating more specualtion. Remember, no one owe you an answer. If don't like it, try manufacture your own device and throw all the informations to the world all the time.

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