Samsung introduces portable projector for mobile phones

Samsung introduces portable projector for mobile phones
An interesting accessory by Samsung will come to the market soon. The company introduced a mini-projector, which when plugged in a phone, enhances the user's viewing experience by transmitting media stored in the phone (videos, pictures etc.) to a larger portable screen, scaling it up to 10-20 inches. It can also be used for business presentations, video calling, and mobile gaming. This innovative solution by Samsung is expected to be available on the market by the end of Q2 2008.

via: fareastgizmos



1. Ben G unregistered

I think this is really interesting. If it was compatible with any smartphones, you could display powerpoint presentations with a cell phone and mini projector. Though a 20" screen is a tad small...

2. vzwemp unregistered

its a heck of alot bigger than trying to crowd around someones phone to see a pic or anything else on our little 2 or 3 inch screens!! neato!

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