Samsung i730 to get WM5 upgrade; Verizon will carry HTC Apache (VX-6700)

Samsung i730 to get WM5 upgrade; Verizon will carry HTC Apache (VX-6700)

According to PDF presentation from TrioTek about Verizon Wireless, Samsung i730 is expected to get ROM upgrade to Windows Mobile 5 in Q1 of 2006. As of now, the presentation has been removed from the servers, but still can be viewed from Google's cache. The presentation also shows that Verizon Wireless will be getting the HTC Apache (VX-6700) Windows Mobile 5 phone.

HTC Apache main features:

  • Bar form factor
  • Windows Mobile 2005 (Magneto) Operating System
  • CDMA 800/1900, EV-DO
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, miniUSB
  • Horizontally sliding full QWERTY keyboard
  • 65k color, 240x320 TFT screen
  • Mini SD Card Expansion slot



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1. Jim M. unregistered

I have both of these phones and they both appear to be solid platforms. Having used PPC dating back to when it was Win CE w/ a gray scale veiw screen, the 200se & WM5 ops sys work well. The xv-6700 seems to be a bit more user friendly w/ one handed operations. I haven't had the need to do a hard reset to it and it has been very stable. MS voice command works with approx. 90% reliability. The mini SD card is a bit of a pain having to use they card adapter to transfer info from the card to the laptop, especially if you don't have w/ you at all times. The I730 has worked out well too. The sliding keyboard should have been set up to the side rather than the botton to take advantage of the 2003se's ability to veiw the screen in the portrait mode. The Voice Signal app works well and the commands are just a bit different from Voice commmands. The really cool thing w/ VS is its ability to use it with a bluetooth head set. Both ops sys work well and run just about all the apps. I have decided to use the WM5 upgrade from VZW for the 730 to see how well it will perform. (Hopefully it won't turn it into a paper weight!) To sum this up, In my humble opinion, Both units are solid platforms and worth the purchase if you have the need to keep important info close at hand.

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