Samsung built A7 processor rocks the new Apple iPhone 5s

Samsung has provided many of the parts for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad over the years; but this year, there were some who believed that Apple had reached an agreement with TSMC to replace Samsung as the provider of the A7 processor that drives the Apple iPhone 5s. But apparently that deal won't take affect until 2014...
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37. Ninetysix

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45. robinlim85

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nicely done 96 do you remember once there are study report that android user on average are less educated

57. Spikes9s

Posts: 52; Member since: Aug 09, 2013

Yes I remember, the same study says Android users are younger, more iPhone consumers are willing to try Android and not the other way arround, iPhone customers are more likely to have downloaded a game or played online, but Android users appear to be using their phones for a wide range of activities as well, so there you got it smarty pants always telling the 10% of the information and only what suits you! Really shame on you, lie I said get your head out of Apple's ARSE

130. lpratas

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Where do you want to get with all this type of conversation? The android users are by chance some kind of illiterate?And the Samsung Exynos Socs are not designed by Samsung technicians? You have is envy about the position of a South Korean company like Samsung have today rivaling with the most important technological giants of USA. Remember that they make almost everything of electronic and you like many others devalue and downplay the Samsung technology. ios in terms of operate system for diary use it's a pile of $hit.

51. suavemezie

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Did you see any chip like that M7 on the original tear down? They just inserted M7 on another diagram and explain what it does but it's not actually on the phone itself. Ifix is more trusted diagram because they labeled every chip. So where is M7 located on ur diagram?

55. Ninetysix

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Read and look. Please don't look stupid. "Luckily, we’ve been able to locate the M7 in the form of the NXP LPC18A1"

41. Spikes9s

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Man they did find it after all, just read the update on the article... They are making some of the best Phones in the world and there is no doubt about it and they would not make a mistake like that not to place the M7 chip inside since they talked about it in the iPhone 5S presentation

40. sudhiir.reddy

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Samsung is just manufacturer means it is just like a worker in my home, working for money, nothing creditable, the design of the chip is from apple and the just aligned it for money..

67. Napalm_3nema

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News flash for the geniuses who think Samsung is responsible for how good the A7 is: They're not. Do you credit Global Foundries and TSMC for the Snapdragon chips? For AMD chips? For Nvidia's Tegra chips? No, nobody does. Samsung foundries fan the chip, and nothing else. Samsung doesn't even have a license to design custom ARM processors. The Samsung processors are all slightly modified ARM designs, not custom designs like Apple, Qualcomm, and Nvidia design, and all three companies have someone else make their processors.

78. Ronny666

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This genius thinks that Apple customise the chipset from scratch. LOL! 1) Samsung hold the license to manufacture the ARM designed chipset without any modification but can choose how they want to implement it. 2) Apple holds the license to customise but still using ARM's base design, without complete overhaul. Here to make u understand better: Recipe (ARM) + Cake (Samsung) + Icing (Apple) = Apple A7 processor. Without the icing you can still eat the cake, but u will look like an idiot if you eat the icing without the cake. :) Without a suitable manufacturer, Apple can keep their design blueprints to themselves. Without a custom designer, Samsung still able to sell their CPU based on ARM's design and they are already in midst of obtaining the license to customise CPUs in future. Now who is likely to be screwed in the future?

82. Ninetysix

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Samsung since Apple can go and will go to TSMC. You know the company that builts those Qualcomm processors that Samsung + other OEMS use.

85. Ninetysix

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129. anglosaxonengland

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Since the A6, it doesn't use ARM

72. Shatter

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A lot of people don't understand that most companies don't manufacturer their own stuff. They will brand and help design it but most of the time their is an OEM behind the scenes actually makin g the stuff. Apple is one of those companies that doesn't manufacturer stuff.
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