Samsung announced the T*OMNIA

Samsung announced the T*OMNIA
Though it will only be available for SK Telecom users in Korea, the recently announced Samsung T*OMNIA is quite the phone to look at. The original OMNIA boasted numerous features and the T*OMNIA takes it one step further with an upgraded 3.3” WVGA touch screen (480x800) and added Satellite DMB function for those Korean users that want to watch Mobile TV and hop on the internet, all while on the go.

Based on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the T*OMNIA sports advanced widget features such as news, weather or stock information that are updated in real-time. Based on the model selected, the internal memory can range from 4 GB to 16 GB, and comes stocked with a 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth v.2.0.



1. needtobuyanewphoneguy unregistered

why in the heck is the US always so far behind in getting the best technology in our cell phones? why can't the US get this version of the Omnia but with an ATSC tuner? GRRRRR, for being a technologically driven society, we aren't that technological.

2. unregistered

very frustrating that people are going to be excited to get the hand-me-down outdated version on verizon soon. WTF. If they sold it in the state, people WOULD buy it.

3. needtobuyanewphoneguy unregistered

i totally agree, why do we always get seconds on the good stuff. The T*Omnia seems to have an FCC Approval date of October 7 2008, hmmm interesting huh? Should we wait? And what the heck is up with Verizon's smackdown of $30 PDA/Smartphone mandatory fees, it's like having all of thier media services is getting to hard for them to operate and maintain, so they screw the subscribers.

4. unregistered

your retarded, its becuase of all the stupid people that buy smartphones and insist on not getting the internet feature and then they use it and get charged the pay per use charges for it and complain to customer service for a credit because they don't feel they should get charged that much. people swear "oh i don't need internet, i just want a calender and contacts. i would never use the internet feature." quit trying to be cheap and just get the internet feature or switch to a phone that dosn't need it for christ sake.

5. unregistered

i've always had a smartphone and never used the internet features, i just liked a usable phone with a decent sized screen and a few applications that were fun to play with

6. unregistered

i bet the prices of the new smart phones are alot better though... I do agree being forced to pay sucks. I would prefer it either be pay the thirty or no internet instread of the pay as you go crap. I think that would be a better compromise. Blackberries are the cheapest smart phones that verizon offers and the ones with wifi (ie 6800 or the old i760) are the most expensive so i hope the prices of the phones becomes more affordable since we have to pay.

7. unregistered

Omnia will be out on the 1st of December. I just stopped by a Verizon store to see the Storm, which does look pretty cool and the Samsung rep was there. He let me try out the Omnia and it is pretty cool, but I didn't get to delve to much into it as I wasn't really supposed to be seeing it. Pricing not yet known. Pretty sure it had Wi-Fi, and it does have the FM radio.

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