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Samsung and Apple take first dip in smartphone market share, LG on the rise

0. phoneArena posted on 26 Jul 2013, 01:58

All in all, Samsung and Apple are still kings, but the underdogs are starting to bite back, which is all well and good for the foundation of our capitalist society - competition. LG is taking chances with unorthodox ergonomic solutions, as is visible with the G2, and it might just pay off in the future...

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posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:01 18

1. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

Where is Sony and HTC?

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 05:54 10

23. rd_nest (Posts: 1656; Member since: 06 Jun 2010)

They are in 'others' category. Meaning they don't have significant market share of their own to warrant a separate analysis. Only the top 5-6 manufacturers are highlighted.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 07:55

24. oister85 (Posts: 501; Member since: 27 Apr 2012)

Good response

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:02 2

2. Shatter (Posts: 2036; Member since: 29 May 2013)

People don't stick with one brand for long periods of time Samsung gets the spotlight for a few more years while apple decays into nothing. Then another brand will be #1.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:28 3

7. pwnarena (Posts: 1129; Member since: 15 Feb 2013)

as long as it's not a dubious chinese brand, it should be fine.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 05:10 11

21. rd_nest (Posts: 1656; Member since: 06 Jun 2010)

There is one way of looking in terms of percentage. There is another way by looking at actual numbers.

In 2nd Q last year, Samsung sold 50 million devices (32% market share). This year it's 72 million (30%). The gap between 1st and 2nd place was 24 million last year, this year it's huge 41 million.

Samsung's sales increased by 22 million, but percentage wise it fell. Whereas LG sold 6 million more, but it's percentage increased. It's simply because LG's percentage was too small last year. So, any increase will look good percentage-wise.

The gap at the top has increased even more. It's even harder now to remove Samsung from top (41 million gap). It's just that there are many more 'smaller' players now.

Percentage-wise Samsung/Apple will still fall because of these 'smaller' players. But in terms of actual devices sold, Samsung is literally untouchable now.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:10

3. livyatan (Posts: 867; Member since: 19 Jun 2013)

Samsung's market share is slipping because it can't possibly grow as fast as the Android market as a whole.
Simple math shows it did not happened because LG sold 12 million androids(+3 million increase in the period), but because of the overall growth, that is at the rate of more than 20 million per quarter

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:15 3

4. Damitel (Posts: 66; Member since: 21 Apr 2013)

Nokia remain the second largest phone makers after Sammy... And they are yet to ...With dozens of LUMIAS. What piss me off is this nokia and their fanboys have no respect for Sammy.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:50 3

9. cam-whore (Posts: 164; Member since: 21 Feb 2013)

that is correct, nokia hasn't made any profits and still they are second largest phone maker, that is what you call the price of market transistion, which they did in a big way. Any company who makes that big of a transistion will go through the same thing, but given the world's adaptability to nokia's products, they can afford to do so. They haven't made any profit yet since they are cutting losses from previous years, but since they are one of the companies on growth, a few more years is all it needs. Hate it or love it, it is inevitable...

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:29 1

13. neutralguy (Posts: 1152; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

So fanboys need yo respect other oems? Why are they called fanboys again, sir?

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:22 10

5. mi55u (unregistered)

Dip or not, Samsung still win, please go back home to those Chinese manufacturer, nobody want Chinese product

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:26 7

6. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

Shut up Fansung Copybot.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:02 9

11. Damitel (Posts: 66; Member since: 21 Apr 2013)

Copycat? Who introduced phablet? Who made other companies draw inspiration from there? The stylus companies had given up hope on, who made it become effective? I heard that nokia are about to release a 6" phablet... Am yet to know who is the copycat!

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:13 6

12. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

Actually, Dell was the first to introduce the Android phablet, the Dell Streak.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:32 5

14. neutralguy (Posts: 1152; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

Can I have the privileged to say,

"Please apply cold water to burned area"

To damitel? :))

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:39 7

16. Damitel (Posts: 66; Member since: 21 Apr 2013)

no burn area, everything is still neutral to neutralguy.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:35 7

15. Damitel (Posts: 66; Member since: 21 Apr 2013)

What counts is the success made out of it, Samsung made it a success by that convincing the world that phablet still has a future.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 19:07

27. darkkjedii (Posts: 24915; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Good post XD

posted on 28 Jul 2013, 00:51

29. DONUT (Posts: 433; Member since: 27 Jun 2013)

yasss xperiaDROID, clock that samsung fan boy lmao

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 19:06

26. darkkjedii (Posts: 24915; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Dell introduced the phablet

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:42

8. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Sony and LG are coming strongly. LG with their devices and Sony with both devices and updates.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 02:58

10. boosook (Posts: 1442; Member since: 19 Nov 2012)

yeah... what about the just released L?

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:39

17. rusticguy (Posts: 2828; Member since: 11 Aug 2012)

All Samsung needs is a good and functional design department ...

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 03:43

18. ilia1986 (unregistered)

And a UI interface which matches the minimalist holo theme of Android.

If samsung makes a google edition phone but with all the S-features inside as well, themed in holo style - they will own me.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 04:15

19. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Both sold more smartphones than last year, but there's a HUGE difference, whereas Apple obviously sells premier price products, although Samsung's market share dropped, it's flagship share is much higher now, hence the more profits. Which is interesting as the mood is predicted to shift toward mid-range and wearables.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 05:10 3

20. ncarlosmiguel (Posts: 206; Member since: 14 May 2013)

This is good news. LG phones are actually good. Just bought an LG L7 II 4 days ago and it was thieved on the bus on my way to work 3 days after LOL. But my next phone will be LG again for sure.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 05:21

22. Edmund (Posts: 656; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)

Nokia isn't mentioned once in the body of the IDC article, so stop misleading your readers. If your editors are going to paraphrase rubbish from the wall street journal, at least acknowledge the source of this editorial mis-information. From the wall street journal article:

"Noticeably absent from the rankings was Finland’s Nokia Corp. While Nokia remained the second-largest mobile phone maker in the second quarter by overall shipments behind Samsung, it has been struggling to make a dent in smartphones with its new Lumia phones."

The above is nothing more than editorial opinion; It does not form the basis of a factual statement, and therefore shouldn't be treated as one.

posted on 26 Jul 2013, 10:16

25. sherby (Posts: 7; Member since: 21 Jun 2013)

Hmm, I cant post links. Quick search on this site,
nokia, 7.4 million
sony 11million(down 20% from last year)

I think Lenovo will be huge when they launch their global campaign. They already have wide distribution channels due to the pc market. We're effectively seeing a repeat of the "ibm compatible pc" with android mobile phones. Indian oems will have opportunities too. Do Indian compainies like Micromax design their own phones or simply rebadge chinese designs?

posted on 27 Jul 2013, 20:17

28. androidfanboy (Posts: 162; Member since: 24 Jun 2013)

Apple has peaked and will slowly decline

posted on 01 Sep 2013, 01:59

30. kronak (Posts: 1; Member since: 01 Sep 2013)

no sherby micromax is really a good company.
its worth purchasing products of micromax and lava xolo is another clmpany to watch out.
those both company have good potential and their product are also good as compare to samsung

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