Samsung U940 is the Verizon's variant of the F700

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Samsung U940 is the Verizon's variant of the F700
UPDATE: Our internal source confirmed that Verizon Wireless version of the F700 will be actually the Samsung SCH-U940 which will make its appearance in a few months.

As of now, all we know about the U940 is that it will feature a full Touch-Screen on the front (440x240 pixels), have a slide out QWERTY keyboard, and will have a 2MP Camera (instead of 3MP as on the F700).

We are unsure as to what the User Interface on the U940 will look like, but our guess is that it will be different than the F700. View our preliminary Samsung U940 specifications.



1. j unregistered

Take the best network around and add an attractive and functional device and you have a perfect match! Huzzah!!

2. Ryan unregistered

Wow! This looks a shit ton better than the Voyager. Think I may have to wait for this instead of the Voyager!

3. elgee02 unregistered

Damn VZW's lineup keeps getting better and better :-0

4. jvillan unregistered

i been talling people 2 wait but no one listens 2 me now were getting new cool phones will see whos the best wireless service provider@!

5. VZWMAN unregistered

VZW is already the best wireless provider, and now they have the hottest phones in the US market! Now what can the other carriers say? We try to be like VZW? I mean how many people said they wanted to be like Mike (michael jordan) and fell VERY short!

6. Sharon unregistered

Now I'm torn on what phone to get...I had my heart set on the Voyager and now I see this...thanks Verizon...hehe...I'm just happy that I have a selection of cool phones to choose from now....I just wish there was more information available for this phone such as a possible/tentative release date. my current phone is dying on me so I need one pretty soon. Please let it come out before the end of this year so I can decide on which phone to get.

7. haha unregistered

Verizon Wireless makes sure that everything it has to offer works 110%. Unlike other carries who come out with phones that you have to take home and activate. Not to mention warranty work is done in there stores, unlike some other carriers.

8. unregistered

elgee02 and VZWMan are absolutely hillarious. Which Verizon store do you work for or maybe your just in the Big Red marketing department. Verizon is so far behind every carrier in the U.S. when it comes to phones. Every phone that you come out with AT&T tops you right away. Your finally about (maybe) to come out with the 6800 and they have the next generation Tilt phone out already. Your a joke, and that is why customers have started jumping ship lately. We're tired of waiting for new technology and you telling us that your still in testing. Stop trying to put your stupid Vcast on everything, and crippling the hardware. You must think we are dump consumers.

9. Jason unregistered

Wasn't it rumored that Verizon was getting the Prada phone and AT&T ended up with it. We'll see?? If it's announced that Verizon is geeting a new phone in Oct 2007, then the phone should pass "testing" around Dec 2008 and be in customers hands around February 2009

10. Nabs unregistered

The whole Verizon userbase would be absolutely nothing without the network. Admittedly, Verizon has great service in many places. Maybe more so than any other carrier. But lets not how verizon cripples its phones and makes them useless for everyhting but the actual phone part. Lets not get ahead of ourselves and say that Verizon has the best lineup.

11. unregistered

hey "anonymous," how about you stop trolling phone forums to bitch at people for working for Verizon, when you are in fact just a Verizon hater. Granted you do have a point wth the crippled hardware however the only real draw for At&T is the Iphone or blackjack, while for T mobile it is the Sidekick / SIM card. Either way Verizon without a doubt has the best service nationwide.

12. sitruc unregistered

I swear Verizon doesn't want me to upgrade my phone. What is a few months? Likely, I can upgrade my phone tomorrow and this phone will come out in time for my next upgrade.

13. godfather unregistered

the person who said the thing about verizons test is correct. verizon puts their phones through numerous tests before even thinkning about selling them, they just want to make sure that we get the best phones

14. Wolf unregistered

Ah yes nice phone. But who ever is saying the best network around is far off the mark. Verizon is one of the worst bar none. So yeah very nice phone, horrible network

15. clifford unregistered

alright i want to make things perfectly clear here vzw is a very company for 2 reason 1.because of the service and care and 2. because of the cdma. you may not relize it most of asia has cdma especially korea and we all know that korea has 2 number one companies lg and samsung its because of those 2 companies vzw is up there today while att doesn't have much samsung or lg phones like vzw does and also about the prada don't get that get the update one the lg viewtv which has everythin the prada didn't have

16. clifford unregistered

most korean friends i have including me buy korean phones online like one of my friend bought the 10 megapixel camera phone from samsung and my other friend who pre ordered the lg viewtv but this phone i would consider buying one being this phone might actually could compete well against the iphone

17. unregistered

I work for Att in the warranty dept. and I have Verizon service my self. Verizon may take longer to test their phones to make sure they work, but at least they do just that, they work!. You would not believe the amount of calls that come in daily because someone's Att phone crapped out. Not only are Vzw's phone manufactured better, they're service is better. Go into a VZW store with your phone and its fixed, call ATT and they send you a refurb of your same phone. I'll stay with VZW so at least I know my phone will work and I'll have a great network, and great service backing me up.

18. A real Business Customer unregistered

I am a business customer that uses VZW's Blackberry 8830. I noticed some coverage issues at my job and home location. I contacted my Business Rep. He sent out the real test man to check out both addresses. The actual test man came into my office to verify the coverage. He could not reproduce the problems that I had. The awesome thing though was that they actually sent an engineer to verify the coverage. INCREDIBLE. I have used Sprint and Cingular and I never have seen this level of service. Kudos to Verizon. If you are happy with your current carrier, then tell us about how good they are to you as a customer. Stop wasting real customer's time with gripes about what you would do if you were running a phone company. You are not running the company, so enjoy your own carrier.

19. need_latest_technology unregistered

Does anyone know if Verizon will be preordering the 6800? A rep told me it's coming out Nov 16th, but I would to order it now if possibe

20. 8lias unregistered

Being a friend of a "higher food chain VZ employee", I get to play with the phones before they come out. Latest ones I played with are Samsung i760, Titan, and Moto Q 9c. I give him feed back on the consumer and average users point of view after I play with the phones for a day. I tell him the pros and cons of what "I" think about the phones. My point is, would you rather wait for a well tuned, consistent, reliable, problem free phone or would you rather have it now and spend time solving problems (if there's any) and dealing with tech service and customer service (some are better than other)? Quality takes time. Going to Fudrucker vs. drive through McDonald. I'll rather wait and know that I'll end up with a good product, although within my instant gratification desire, I want it now but the benefit outweight the issues, especially when it comes to technologies, they change every second. I do want it now, but I want it well tuned and reliable. Thanks for reading.

21. VZ DUb employee unregistered

There, I said it, you're an idiot wolf. I would tell you to read the JD Powers and Associates to see who they rated #1 for the fewest dropped calls and nation wide coverage (verizon) but you would reply with some stupid shananigans about how jd is just another fortune 500 company that was bought out by verizon wireless to say that we are the best. But hey, I guess the fact that we have the least consumer cancellation percentage, least dropped calls and the most broadband coverage nationwide doesnt mean anything.

22. msb175 unregistered

sweet, can't wait.

23. Sammo or Bolo unregistered

Ok, you know, I am absolutely tired of all these other morons in cell phone land who have AT&T which, by the way, stands for All Trash and Terrible who are bitching and moaning about how Verizon's technology and phones are so behind. Now granted, that might be true, but let me put an end to all the B.S that AT&T people are taking lately. I, work on an island, where literally, no AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Helio and whatever rinky dink company there is out there doesn't pick up any signal. They ONLY and I mean, ONLY service provider that works is Verizon with 2 bars wherever I go in the park. So while all my co-workers who have all that iphone crap, HTC Tilt this, and latest AT&T phone that, are wishing they can use their phones, I am actually using my phone. So add that up, AT&T. If your service is so great how come it doesn't work where I am at? Now as far as the Samsung U940 is concerned, I am torn between what phone I want now. It's between the Samsung, U940, the LG Voyager, and the HTC 6800. What is a man to do? All I know is that Verizon is rising and all the others can rest in peace. TESTIFY!

24. 8lias unregistered

@ Sammo or Bolo. I am between the Samsung U940 and the Voyager. I really don't like the HTC 6800, I had a chance to play with it, it's blue, cheap feel, the sliding isn't very sturdy or smooth, very slow UI. I like the Voyager because of the TV feature, not sure if U940 has it, I like the U940 for the full touchscreen on the front. I guess we'll wait and see, good luck.

25. 8lias unregistered

@ Sammo or Bolo. I am between the Samsung U940 and the Voyager. I really don't like the HTC 6800, I had a chance to play with it, it's blue, cheap feel, the sliding isn't very sturdy or smooth, very slow UI. I like the Voyager because of the TV feature, not sure if U940 has it, I like the U940 for the full touchscreen on the front. I guess we'll wait and see, good luck.

26. Sammo or Bolo unregistered

Hey 8lias, I completely agree with you. I was thinking about getting the Voyager. Thanks for the news about the 6800. Honestly, I am comtemplating on the Voyager more so. I have the LG VX9800 and I wanna chuck this thing in the Hudson River so bad. I haven't had a phone in nearly 2 and a half years. It's about time. Good luck on your search also.

27. unregistered

I was all excited about the voyager myself, i was definitley going to switch (i use sprint now) and get that...but when i saw the pics of the U940, i fell in love. i want that phone, i just wish there was more info on when it's being released...i'm still torn cuz i haven't had a phone in a couple of years either!

28. Jgery unregistered


29. RLU unregistered

so when does this phone come out an estiment please ? and is it better than the voyager?

30. Surrogation unregistered

I Have Been Waiting For The F700 And Have Been Following This Phone For Many Months Now.I Was Constantly Hoping that it would go on my network which is Verizon then a few days ago i saw this i was amazed but then i saw it's pretty much a dummed down version of the f700 only a 2mp camera and if i recall the f700"s is 5MP and if it's going to ve released on Verizon i'm sure that they're going to put their plain UI that's in all of their other phones and i'm just not sure if i'd even want that phone now.

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