Samsung U940 approved by FCC

Samsung U940 approved by FCC
FCC approved the new Samsung SCH-U940, which is expected to launch with Verizon. There is no new information about it, but from our exclusive sources we know it is a variant of the Samsung F700, which we recently previewed. The U940 is characterized by the wide touch screen and only one key on the front panel and the side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Other known features of the phone are the 2.0 Megapixel camera, 150 MB of internal memory, microSD slot, and Stereo Bluetooth.

source: FCC (thanks Marco)



1. unregistered

I wonder what the UI will look like will it be identical to the voyager? or will it also have the samsung touch UI that looks so cool.

2. unregistered

The LG Voyager's UI was partly based on the UI of the LG Prada (LG's other Touch Screen Phone), but it had elements of the Verizon UI too, like menu layout. I expect the Samsung to use its own UI but to make the menus and status bars like other Veizon Phones.

3. patrick unregistered

I love this phone and think I might like it better than the Voyager, but my question is do we know if it's going to be a smartphone or dumbphone?

5. David unregistered

i read somewhere that the FCC isnt allowed to release any information on the u-940 for 180 days.... does that mean it wont be released till after that?

6. Sean unregistered

Even if they can't release any information on it for 6 months, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be released for 6 months. The FCC has the same restriction with the Voyager, but that was released in only 3 months. Let's just hope the U940 is on the same timetable.

7. DJ C unregistered

This phone phone looks hard and i was wondering if it will have the same capabilities as the voyager, or features that are better. I know that with the voyager you can't listen to music and txt at the same time. Will this phone have the same feature as the chocolate where you can do that? Im hopping that this site gives more info soon cuz i wanna kno more FO REEEEAAAAAL!!!!

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