Samsung U940 User Manual and Pictures on FCC site

Samsung U940 User Manual and Pictures on FCC site
Back in November 2007, PhoneArena was the first site to bring you spy photos taken of the upcoming Samsung U940 for Verizon.
The FCC has now made available the external and internal pictures, plus the user manual. Looking through the internal photos shows what seems to be stereospeakers on the U940, but since the device is not yet released, wecannot know for certain.

The User Manual also says, "The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser on your phone allows you to access the web." This confirms our source which has stated that only a WAP browser was included on the U940, not an HTML browser.

Please continue to visit PhoneArena, as we will let you know anyfurther information about the U940, including upcoming release date andprice.



1. David unregistered

does this mean this phone wont have rea internet like the Iphone????

2. Sean unregistered

This manual was drafted in October, meaning it is not necessarily final. We don't know for sure if the browser is full HTML yet because the info in the user manual might not be entirely accurate.

3. Friend unregistered

Instead of waiting for the U940, just change carriers already and save VZW the headaches of people like you calling in and complaining about stupid issues!!

4. ewill20 unregistered

im unsure if this is a verizon or samsung issue but samsung phones with verizon almost always seem to be too little too late. I am a verizon employee and I just think samsung flops some of their best opportunities at phones with verizon. Their overseas phones are pretty sick but IF this phone does not come full HTML then it would be just one more reason to go with a voyager instead. Im sure LG loves that samsung comes out with inferior verizon products to steer customers towards theirs. im no troll just thought i would share my insight

5. Sammo unregistered

I look at the U940 like this: I had the Voyager and I have to admit that it's a beautiful handset but there's one problem and it seems like a problem with all LG phones. The ringtone volume and speak volume are not as loud as Motorola or Samsung. That is exactly the problem with the Voyager. I returned it after 3 weeks. I am waiting for this U940 because there has to be better phones offered than the crap I am looking at in the Verizon phone roster. There is nothing on the Verizon line-up that appeals to me at all. So I have to grin and bear this crap till someone comes out with something good. Please, to all phone manufacturers, HELP! Tell me there's something that rivals this Voyager and iphone garbage I am seeing.

6. jerry unregistered

until this phone comes out either in march or april. i pray that it actually does, because my 2 year contract just ended and i am dying to get rid of this enV. i think the lubricant will be an acceptional phone to mainly middle school and high school students. I am positive this phone will be amazing. I have the enV peice of crap right now, and i have internet. i also have the iPhone so thats my backup. but please, if theres anyone reading this who has the power of making this phone come onto verizon's phone list any faster, please do so. I am so eager and the price is no obstacle. (= lets make this happen verizon

7. trix unregistered

does anyone know if this phone will have text and menu readout like the voyager does? i can seem to find the manual on here to see if it does...thanx!!!

8. David unregistered

ive been told that the reason the U940 might not have full HTML internet is because LG might have a contract with verizon saying that they cannot release a phone that would compete with the voyager. just a thought.... Another thing, when i first saw the F700 it seemed to me like a phone that was geared toward a more mature crowd not middle school and high school student. Now that verizon has name the u940 the Glyde it seems they have tried to target it to a younger audience. since the phone might not have actual internet that would make sense to why it is suppose to be the affordable Iphone. the price i have been hearing is 249.99 with a possible $50 rebate and for release date late march possibly the 25th.

9. kim L. unregistered

does any one have a link to the FCC website page with the info on this phone???

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