Samsung U740 renamed to Alias

William Shakespeare once wrote 'What's in a name?'. If you're Verizon Wireless, you're probably hoping that changing the name of the Samsung U740 to 'Alias' will stir-up some additional sales...
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25. alyssa unregistered

yeah i have this phone and i love it, but my only problem is, like someone else said, it does NOT charge well at all. i'll charge it at night and bring it to school for 6 hours, and it will have 2 bars left. you think a couple texts wouldn't wear out a phone? actually this is my second phone of this type, because the first one stopped charging altogether at one point. still love it, regardless of that

27. unregistered

SAME HERE. Odd thing about it is, this just started recently happening... When I first got my phone in September of 2007, I would charge it once overnight and it would last a good solid 2-3 days depending on how much I text/call (and I frequent both, usually). Now it dies within 5-7 hours of me just flipping open the screen to peruse the time. I admit to dropping it a couple of times, but that shouldn't drastically affect it like it has, should it? Also, I seem to get less reception in places where usually all my friends would be complaining and I would come to the rescue with MY phone but now I can't. And I have verizon, btw.

50. phone seller unregistered

ok well cell battery get weak after a while try *228 and press 2 it will reprogram it might help and if that dosent get a new battery or extended

29. Kurtis unregistered

I have this phone, have had it for a while, and I love it. It's really good for texting, although it takes some time to get used to it, I can text faster than people with t9 and I can also text without looking (complete with punctuation) It's one of the best phones on the market at the moment, I think you should get it! Don't be a wuss! do it! You'll like it

30. what now unregistered

autumns right it is due to owner care

31. supericcuhh unregistered

NOT WHAT IT SEEMS, LET ME TELL YOU THIS. i have this phone and its great and i love it, but i had my first alias stolen, so i got another alias, because i love it so much. but the second one i got, seemed to suck pretty badly. 1)it doesn't take calls unless its on speaker. which is pretty annoying. when its not on speaker, i can't hear anything and they can't hear me. 2) the screen "blinks" and flickers. and the screen doesn't show up at all when i flip it the long way. 3) battery sucks. doesn't last nearly as long as it should. sad thing? people who have used this told me that all of this was to be expected? i've basically concluded that verizon wireless has( although the coolest looking phones as well) the cheapest phones out of any other phones in any other network.

38. unregistered

something must be wrong with yours. my friend's alias is new and hers seems to be working fine

40. aliaslover8D unregistered

yeah there's definately something wrong with your phone. i had a chocolate that did that and i dropped it several times and the screen almost came off(: yeah, get a new one. alias's are amazing phones.

49. phone seller unregistered

they dont have problems sounds like a messup like factory it happens you should of got the insurance or sent it back within the thirty days its not there fault it urs

32. unregistered

Samsung Alias is Amazing! I SO LOVE this phone! I hope and pray that they will have a GSM Version of this!!!

33. unregistered

i really really want this phone so so so bad! :[

34. q2mkilla unregistered

im gettin the phone and it looks cool and i'v wanted a txtin phone for a while

35. Charing mom unregistered

Charging seems is the problem. No charge appears randomly. I believe there is A Problem with this phone, especially I read here people having charging problems. Actually I hate verizon

41. aliaslover8D unregistered

i'm with you on hating verizon. they don't really have any cool phones besides the dare, enV2, and alias.

36. Charging mom unregistered

Verizon is A Monster

37. unregistered

my friend has this phone and i think its awesome. its a little hard to text with, but the full keyboard really helps. speaker phone is a little difficult to find

44. unregistered

oh yeah,the buttons are super small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the phone stinken sucks

48. phone seller unregistered

this phones awesome have no clue wat the hell ur talkin about keys are ok size and battery lasts a long time just charge it before you fall asleep and the only reason you wouldnt be able to use the key pad is iff your overwiegh lol there plenty good enough sized

42. cass unregistered

i've had this phone for a while now and i LOVE IT!! it is practically indestructable. i've dropped it so many times i can't count.. it's a little scratched up now... but that's just from using it.. and dropping it about a zillion times. but it still works as well as the day i bought it. i love the QWERTY keyboard... i can't type on regular phones now. the buttons are a bit small. definitely not for people with FFS, but i have no complaints. i've never had any issues with the battery.. other than forgetting to charge but that's my fault. the camera works great, the sound quality is wonderful... it's just an all around fantastic phone. i think i'll keep it till it gives out from exhaustion..

43. SomeRandomDude(SRS) unregistered

Well i just ordered this phone online and am expecting it within the next week or so. I've seen alot of reviews about it and the major problem seems to be battery life and.. yeah that's it. I love the design and i've really wanted/needed a texting phone for awhile now and if all that is gonna be a problem is battery life i think that's fine, alot of you say you only get 24 hours out of a charge so.. why not put it on the charger when you go to sleep so that it's always charged and you only use it throughout the waking day, like 14-16 hours, in my case anyway.

45. luckiehondo unregistered

hey im getting a samsung U740 and i was wondering if u know how to unlock it from verizon and put it on US cellular

46. Cherry unregistered

i could sworn cingular had a phone like this 1-2 yrs ago with the same design like a dual-hinge. but i'd like to know is there a gsm phone like this??? im sure there is but a dif. model.

47. phone seller unregistered

um hello i have had every cell out there on verizons network seriously by far like this one the best i hated the env2 and the battery seemed to be way worse on that the only flaw this phone has is when ur listenin to music you cant recieve a text without having to restart the song again and to thoughs gay puns im a gay man to and never had a problem and they did update the alias alot accually

51. unregistered

i hav this phone

53. Hate On unregistered

I think that this is a perfect phone. I've had it for a while and the battery is not a problem. It falls and dosent scratch and the keypad is just fine. It may not seem better than the glyde, but it is because I've had the glyde and the touchscreen is not all that good. You have to press a button atleast 3 times to get it to work. Everybody needs to get out of the hype of the glyde is that it is not that good. The alias is better.

55. unregistered

my brother has this phone and the battery stinks! you shut it sometimes and it turns off. Also, there are other websites where it says they stink.....warning: dont get it! its not worth it. We are getting a new phone for my brother. trust me!

56. unregistered

i have this phone and its cool n all but i dont like samsung phones its slow i like the enV, im a texter i dont really call people so i guess its ok for now

57. unregistered

i hate it ,i dont like the enV2 either. but if you text a lot i would suggest some thing from LG w/ a QWERTY key board
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