Samsung U700 comes to Verizon in early October

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Samsung U700 comes to Verizon in early October
Verizon Wireless is getting close to the launch of the Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 in early October.We were provided these new pictures of the phone, which shows it to have a glossy mirror-like finish all over.The U700 will feature a 2MP Camera, QVGA Internal Display, External Music Controls, MicroSD card slot, and new Themes.After the U700, the U900 (replacement of the A990) is expected to be released by the end of December, which will have a 3MP Autofocus Camera.

Check our Preliminary Specs on the Gleam (U700)

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1. Sinfulta unregistered

I don't know what the other guy is talking about. As a Verizon rep we got a demo of it in our store like two weeks ago. Phone is very solid and doesn't quite look like the pictures shown here. The gold is actually more gold and the black is defintetly way blacker (if that's a word) It releases October 5th, And most stores should have them in stock (at least in the Bay Area) Very solid phone. Your favorite UI choice will be "Expresso". =P

2. Anonymous unregistered

HeySinfulta how much is the price on this phone with the 2 year contract? Also would you happen to know the price on the VX10000 as well?

3. anonymous unregistered

$199.99 w/2 yr. contract. Online rebate of $50 avl.

4. JackyMarie unregistered

Well I am getting this phone in 3 days since my LGx8700 broke again for the 2nd time. So I will be able to see what the phone looks like.I am to be getting this phone Monday.

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