Samsung U470 for Verizon is the Juke

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Samsung U470 for Verizon is the Juke
Even though the Samsung U470 is not due out until 2008, we now know it will be called "Juke" and know how to operate the phone, thanks to images posted on Engadget. We first told you about the U470 in early September and later posted the first live images.

The U470 is a swivel phone that is Samsung's response to the popular LG Chocolate series. It will feature the same type of scroll wheel that is currently being used on the VX8550 Chocolate and will come with a 1.3MP Camera. But with the LG VX8800 also coming out next year, we are unsure as to how many people will choose the U470 over the VX8800.

source: EngadgetMobile

Samsung SCH-U470 Juke
Samsung SCH-U470 Juke
Samsung SCH-U470 Juke

Samsung SCH-U470 Juke



1. joey unregistered

2 gb built in memory andit will be out in time for christmas

2. unregistered

Also comes in three colors; blue, red, and teal.

3. cellphonefreak unregistered

This phone is so much more fun, and cool, than the LG. It's like a perfect little jukebox!

4. unregistered

How much will it cost?

5. new tech unregistered

i purchased the juke 2 years ago at Europe

6. KIrra unregistered

how much do they cost?

7. Mike unregistered

LOVE THE JUKE have had it for 3 weeks now and it is great as a phone and an MP3 player.

8. NiANA3:] unregistered


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