Samsung U430 now out for Verizon

Samsung U430 now out for Verizon
Verizon today introduced the Samsung U430, a minor update to the U410. The only changes appear to cosmetic, sporting a black and silver color combination. Both devices offer the same features: 128x160 pixel internal display, VGA camera, Mobile Web 2.0,  Media Center (aka Get-it-Now), and Bluetooth. Unfortunately it still does not come with a microSD memory card slot to allow for easier access to music and pictures. Pricing is set at $99 after a $50 rebate with a 1-year contract, or free ($79 price - $79 on line discount) with a 2-year contract.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

hmm... i think the design of u410 is better, but i will expect better speaker quality on this phone...

2. unregistered

i hate customers that always look for cheap phones

3. unregistered

i'm not looking for cheap phone... it's just that i had bad experience with my little bro's u410...

4. unregistered

cuz you hate your cheap phone rofl

5. unregistered

So I take it you're a sales person . . . and probably one of the same haters that complain about the customer service of the other companies. That's integrity!

6. unregistered

I've sold this phone to some ppl since we're out of u410s.... not a bad phone. just different. now find pix of LG's 8360... now that's an ugly phone....

7. unregistered

As a sale rep, I make more off of the u410 and u430 than most of the higher end "expensive" phones. They're perfect for someone who is just looking for"a phone." Every phone and class of phone has it's place.

8. unregistered

So I guess you own a Ferrari, since you probable hate people that look for "cheap" cars. And live in a mansion, because you hate people that look for "cheap" houses. Idiot. You should realize not everyone can afford expensive devices, or even, have a need for the more hi-tech devices. Wait... here's an idea... how about you send your Grandmother over to VZW so they can sell her a XV6900 with the unlimited data package as well as tethering capabilities. I am sure she would have no issues using that expensive, high-end device and wouldn't mind the extra monthly charges for features she wouldn't normally use.

9. unregistered

sorry folks, I spelled probably incorrect ;]

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