Samsung T819 - yet another low-level 3G for T-Mobile

Samsung T819 - yet another low-level 3G for T-Mobile
FCC approved the new Samsung SGH-T819, which is another 3G-capable phone for T-Mobile USA, coming with UMTS 1700 MHz on board. While it is nice to see a new 3G phone, most people will be rather disappointed that it doesn’t really stand out of the crowd when it comes to specifications, coming with only 1.3-megapixel camera. Judging by the photos posted on the FCC site, the T819 will most probably be advertised as a slim 3G slider at a low price.

source: FCC via Marco



1. unregistered

Is T-Mobile really going to have 3G?

2. Sammo unregistered

T-MObile is absolutely horrendous. I don't understand why 95% of their phones are sliders. You know who really needed the iphone promotion? T-MObile. I think the only reason why they are still in business is the Sidekick. It's a popular handset that is hip amongst young kids, especially urban youth. That's it. I mean, there is nothing about this company that stands out. Granted that Catherine Zeta JOnes is their spokesperson but what else? (Now if the phone came with Catherine, that's a different story). Hey T-Mobile, keep it up, soon you'll be bought out or close shop if you don't introduce something that can compete with the Voyager or iphone.

8. bluecircles29

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Wow. Some harsh person, eh? T-Mobile is AWESOME! Now this comment might be posted a long time ago, but the reason they are still in buisness is not because of the Sidekick. They have the lowest prices and the best coverage! And now with 3G and touch-screen phones they will NEVER go out of buisness.

3. unregistered

I wish there were more sliders. I have been looking for two years for a phone that will lock when the slider is closed. I was hoping it was the shadow, but even that would answer calls while in my pocket. I guess I will just have to continue to carry 2 phones so i can get the features I need.

4. unregistered

Sammo is kind of right, T-mobile has yet to come up with a phone that will strike the public with awe, they absolutely need an "iphone" like device to compete with these other companies or they might fail, but then again a lot of people choose not to go with a device that you can do everything with, so they choose,( rather try to choose) a simpler, yet stylish device-which t-mobile still is getting pretty boring with these days. This new 3G phone looks like it's pretty boring and is almost like the samsung t809 slider which is what I have and was the best phone I have gotten from t-mobile. But really, t-mobile definitely needs better looking phones with better specs, I might have to switch to a blackberry device

5. Techie unregistered

I just had Helio (Sprint) for 1 month, and i am moving back to Tmobile. After using the Helio Ocean, and Helio Heat, and sprint networki will have to say, Tmobile is great. the iPhone is really lacking, you cant even send MMS messages! come on! not everyone has a phone that can receive emails (let alone emails with attachments). I am moving back to tmobile and very happy about it. Hotspot@home is awesome, and if you are into blackberries, the 8820 has UMA and supports hotspot@home (i am not sure why folks are saying "switching to a blackberry device" is like leaving tmobile....) 3G will only add to their network. They have the Shadow, Wing, Dash, 8820 and a host of other devices. I think they are a great middle of the road company, they have good solid phones, and a really solid network. Get over yourselves...

6. LOUIS unregistered


7. samson ict unregistered


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