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Samsung Stratosphere getting BOGO'd at Verizon with new $99 contract price

0. phoneArena posted on 16 Feb 2012, 12:49

Verizon's first LTE enabled phone that has a physical QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung Stratosphere, is not only getting a price cut to $99.99 with a signed two-year contract, but is also the subject of a Buy One Get One free promotion at Big Red...

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posted on 16 Feb 2012, 14:47 2

1. itzmando (Posts: 115; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

This phone has been nothing but problem for my mom and younger sister. We took advantage of upgrading both their phones for $20 bucks 3rd party(Costco), they wanted a 4G smartphones, not yet deployed in my area, but hope in the next 2 yr contract it will be and QWERTY keyboard.

Call quality is terrible, garble sound. I would not recommend this bogo deal, 3G signal is terrible also where my dads 3G flip phone is full bars. My G-Nex and their stratospheres have bad reception issues. And just recently my lil sisters phone has heating issues when she uses basic installed apps.

Go with the Moto D4, they have better reception radios and much more durable. I am sad that I have to knock Samsung on quality, but my experience along with my family's is not that great.

posted on 16 Feb 2012, 20:22 1

2. jcpwn2004 (Posts: 314; Member since: 18 Jan 2012)

I'll never understand why people buy cheap smartphones on expensive plans. Is it really worth saving 100$ to have a s**tty phone for 2 years?

posted on 17 Feb 2012, 13:17 1

3. cjennings (Posts: 9; Member since: 17 Feb 2012)

this is funny...RadioShack has had the stratosphere for FREE for 80% of the time since its release...so what i am saying is dont buy ur verizon phones from vZ stores come to radioshack were our phones are always cheaper than carrier stores

posted on 17 Feb 2012, 13:42

4. ThePhoneGURU (Posts: 11; Member since: 19 Nov 2011)

As a verizon rep, this has been a great selling device for me. its a lot more affordable for most customers, and offers 4G and a physical qwerty keyboard. Now with this BOGO deal its a great value. Also I have had no complaints about reception on this device. The D4 will probably have a stronger signal though, moto's usually do. Are there better 4g devices to choose from? sure, but this phone is pretty good and a great price.

posted on 18 Feb 2012, 12:34

5. LoneShaolin (Posts: 307; Member since: 14 Jan 2012)

"Pretty good" and a great price isn't good enough.

posted on 18 Feb 2012, 17:59 2

6. itzmando (Posts: 115; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

I agree, since their were not too many 4G QWERTY keyboard phones when we purchased, all VzW reps at our local store and where we bought our phones, Costco wireless Kiosk said the same thing "best selling phone, great price and value". There are clear problems with this device, people should really look on VZW forums, in which their community moderators fail to respond to issue on this phone.


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