Samsung SCH-A990 - a high-end cameraphone for Verizon

Samsung SCH-A990 - a high-end cameraphone for Verizon

The FCC just approved the SCH-A990 – a high-end stylish clamshell with internal antenna and 3.2-megapixel camera, expected to be released by Verizon Wireless. The successor of the SCH-A970 adds 1.2 megapixels more and moves the camera on the back of the device, instead of in the clamshell's hinge. The camera also has an integrated flash and auto-focus. The A990 has two color displays, the internal one is supposed to be a QVGA unit, and the front cover is swiveling, turning the display in various angles, like the one of the A970. SCH-A990 also features microSD slot for memory expansion, supports Bluetooth and BREW and will probably run the Verizon's new Flash UI.

FCC, Mobiledia



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