Samsung R200 and R500 for Alltel

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Samsung R200 and R500 for Alltel
It’s not only T-Mobile customers who will get new Samsung goods, Alltel will also have some interesting phones, manufactured by the Koreans.

Samsung SCH-R200 is slim candybar phone from the entry level. It is stripped down Wafer (R510) sporting similar slim body, but less features in order to reduce the price tag to position the phone in the mass-level segment.

The Samsung SCH-R500 is 17mm thin clamshell with interesting look and exchangeable covers. EV-DO device, it has 176x220 pixels internal display and small external one. Features Bluetooth, 1.3-megapixel camera and stereo speakers, located below the internal display.

We have information that the R500 is the CDMA variant of the Samsung SGH-T639, which will come with T-Mobile USA. Similar phone, but in Europe, is the E490.

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1. Greg unregistered

the phone is ok.. I like alot of the features it has but the only thing I hate about the phone is you can't assign an mp3 as a ringer.. I simply refuse to purchase sounds I already own!!!!!!

2. unregistered

I just got this phone today!! So far so good...I had the LG rumor for a few weeks and didn't like...sliders are for me I guess. But yeah, all the features, great camera and the changeable faceplates are a bonus. The phone also comes with a option to change the color of the outside display screen which i'm in love with...even if it side ways!!

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