Samsung Omnia and Saga spotted on new Verizon rebate form

Verizon's rebate form points to a few new phones...
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31. unregistered

I would guess it would be around $300 minus a mail-in rebate. Obviously it is the end of the month already and no Omnia, so whoever said the end of October was wrong. I work for VZW and haven't seen or heard anything about the Omnia. All the talk has been about the Storm, which I personally think will be a better phone, better quality with better features. I think the only thing the Omnia has over the Storm would be the camera resolution, but even that is not a big difference. Hopefully I'll get some more information about it at work soon!

32. tberger unregistered

I have seen the unlocked Omnia's for $699, but as we know unlocked phones are substantially more costly. So I think a $300 guess is safe. As far as functionality a few things come to mind....this is a smartphone which to me makes i more appealing over the storm. It has an 8 or 16 GB hard drive which the storm does not have this size storage. Lastly which I think is really cool and will be a simple feature that will draw a lot of people is that fact that it has an am/fm radio. Just my 2 cents. Last week they started field testing so normally phones are released within a month of field testing unless something drastically goes wrong. Hope this helps.

33. unregistered

Omnia will be out on the 1st of December. I just stopped by a Verizon store to see the Storm, which does look pretty cool and the Samsung rep was there. He let me try out the Omnia and it is pretty cool, but I didn't get to delve to much into it as I wasn't really supposed to be seeing it. Pricing not yet known. Pretty sure it had Wi-Fi, and it does have the FM radio.
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